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Actress and artist Keke Palmer celebrated her 30th birthday with some “Durrty 30” looks on social media. It appears her baby’s father Darius Jackson have made amends as the two celebrated over the weekend with a few beverages and candidness about the many Virgos in his life. Check out their latest interaction inside.

The status of Keke’s relationship with Jackson is still unclear. Neither of them have confirmed their relationship with the media. However, according to this video where they celebrated Palmer’s major birthday milestone, it appears the two are on healthy terms. They are pictured laughing and chatting together on Jackson’s Instagram live over a few drinks. At one point, Jackson referred to Palmer as his “partner in crime.”

Not sure if it was the tequila talking or if these two are working out their differences. The viral video clip actually starts with Keke’s hands caressing Darius’ face. The two were in a bit of a public facing feud when Darius took to social media to discuss what a mom should wear.

Keke has since worn whatever she wants. More recently, she sported nearly nothing in her stunning “Durrty 30” birthday pictures on social media. In the first bath of sexy photos, Palmer wears a leather one piece with what appears to be “dirt” on her arms and legs.

In the caption, she expresses gratitude and her hopes for this next decade.

Check out her post below:

The next carousel likely pissed Jackson off. Palmer flaunted her birthday suit in a round up of her sexiest photos yet, continuing the birthday posts, simply saying “Yield” in the caption.

Check it out below:

We hope Darius is more secure than he was a few months ago at the Usher show. Check out their latest interaction on social media below: