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Source: Courtesy / Serato

In celebration of Black History Month, Serato, UNDEFEATED and Black-owned and operated Los Angeles-based nonprofit TEC Leimert collaborated to create the Audio Affect Series “Beat Tape.” The tape provided a group of Black and Brown rising artists with a platform to share their music to new fans, mentorship and more. Read more details on this creative and pilanthropic program inside.

The Audio Affect Series “Beat Tape” was released on Serato’s Soundlcoud Feb. 15, featuring rising LA-based artists Lyric Jones, Mylo Mu, DJ Cori Jaye, Bridget Perez, Taariq Elliott, Da_Gawd_G, NFNTY 94, LDOT ADOT, TVKII, Keliief, GaigeB and DJ Cherri. The project includes 12 beats and it was mastered by the legendary engineer Dave Cooley, who’s mastering credits range from J Dilla to Paramore.

The “Beat Tape” reflects the rich and diverse music community in Leimert Park and beyond. It also showcases the fresh talent and creativity shared by the producers during the Audio Affect Series workshops.

The Audio Affect Series is a music production workshop created by TEC Leimert, Serato and UNDEFEATED to amplify and empower Black and Brown creators of South LA.

Before the release, the companies celebrated the featured artists with an Audio Affect Series “Beat Tape” release party on Thursday, February 15 at UNDEFEATED’s Silver Lake store. In addition to a listening session of the compilation, Serato’s own Sonny James was on the decks throughout the night. Party-goers enjoyed drinks from local brewing company Open Beer and natural wine shop Clink Wine, along with eats from Filipinx restaurant Tatay’s BBQ.

It was a true celebration of Los Angeles and the city’s incredible creative community

Be sure to listen to the special Audio Affect Series “Beat Tape” here.