French artist of Cameroonian descent, Lomijoh is an emerging artist who lives in New York City, and has recently released her beautiful debut single titled “Don’t Let It Go”. 

A versatile and naturally talented human being, Lomijoh, despite her very young age, has had a tennis career, went to law school, and had a modeling career. After these fruitful learning experiences, she has decided to fully dedicate herself to music, and when listeners hear “Don’t Let It Go,” they will understand why this choice makes total sense, so much her voice and lyrics have a multitude of meaningful and deep layers. 

A song about relationships, Lola wanted to transmit a very important message through “Don’t Let It Go,” one that would help audiences recognize how important and essential love is in our lives, and how necessary it is to water it and feed it like a plant. A vulnerable and complete artist, Lomijoh has all the ingredients to shine bright in music in the coming years.