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Desperation sets in as Howard tries to evade the Task Force and Ronnie goes on the attack, leaving Raq and Kanan to make some fateful choices.

This season’s finale kicked off with us finding out that Lou was indeed still alive. Instead of taking him out, Raq and Marvin took their younger brother to a rehab clinic. Two weeks have passed and the episode starts with Raq visiting Lou and having a discussion with him and one of the therapists that works there. During the conversation the three discussed Lou’s progress, his feelings and how important Raq and Lou were to each other. Raq expressed how Lou had always and will always be her heart. While his siblings were making headway to working things out, Marvin was attending someone’s funeral who couldn’t…Gerald. As Marvin stood from afar and watched the burial, the FBI pulled up on him. The agent not only blamed Marvin for Gerald’s death, he also warned him that Gerald’s passing doesn’t mean they’re done with him. Elsewhere, Krystal wanted clarification on what her and Kanan were (it seems that N’Kiyah doesn’t think Butta will continue being a thing so Krystal doesn’t want to hide their relationship anymore). When she asked if they were boyfriend and girlfriend now, he replied that they were kickin’ it. Unfortunately for him, that might not be the case for too much longer. Krystal broke it to Kanan that her period was late, sending him into complete shock. Iesha was probably shocked to hear from Jukebox, considering the fact that they hadn’t spoken since Juke got pulled in by Agent Tanner after their performance in the mall. Juke admits that she should’ve called and let Iesha know that she was okay but didn’t because she was so embarrassed. Iesha comforted her by letting her know that she doesn’t ever have to feel embarrassed around her because she knows and loves who Juke is. When Juke brings up Iesha’s past with Kanan, Iesha admits that she only had anything to do with him because she had feelings for Juke that she couldn’t explain and it scared her a little. Despite that, Iesha confessed that her feelings for Juke were real and it’s safe to say that Juke felt the same exact way about her.

After their talk with the therapist, Raq and Lou shared another heartwarming moment. Raq apologized to Lou for all of the things she’s done, said and ways that she f’d up. She also admitted that the doctor(therapist) might’ve been correct about her being hurt and that making her angry. After she tells him that she doesn’t want to lose him, Lou comes out and admits that some of the things she’s been telling him have been right. He told her that he was a grown man, the decisions he made were his and he has to figure out how to live with them. After Raq told Lou to just worry about taking care of himself, the two share a hug and it seems like a huge weight is lifted off of both of their backs. At the police station, Howard is once again meeting with Agent Tanner and Captain Baptiste. This time, his union rep was also present though, which shows how serious the matter was. When Agent Tanner asked Howard what he knew about Gerald, Howard denied having any knowledge of who he was. Tanner made it clear that he wanted to know why Howard never let him know that he had a relationship with Marvin. After Howard again denied having any involvement with Marvin or the Italians, Tanner brought up Lou and how Howard put out a word looking for him. Howard’s union rep realized they were getting into sticky territory and cut the conversation short. Before they left, Tanner told them that Howard had two days to get back to him or they’d issue a warrant for his arrest. To add insult to injury, Captain Baptiste confiscated his gun and shield. While this was happening, Marvin met with his lawyer. He informed Marvin that he hasn’t received a target letter from the FBI at the moment. He explained that it didn’t mean they weren’t still looking into him, it just meant that they didn’t have enough to build a case at the time. As Raq was driving, she hit a red light that brought her across the street from a park. She watched the kids running and playing basketball and it’s obvious that it got her to thinking about her own son. The nostalgic feeling went away very quickly though, as another car pulled up on the left side of her and started shooting at her. Luckily, Raq was able to get away without being damaged but she knew war was pretty much upon her. Iesha heart was a bit damaged when Juke told her that she was going to the army. Juke explained that as long as she stays in South Jamaica, she’ll never feel safe becuase her family will end up f’ing up everything she cares about.

Although they were currently beefing, Kanan clearly still cares about his mother. This became evident when Famous came and interrupted him and Krystal (who was crying when Kanan opened the door) and alerted what just happened with his mother. As soon as he heard what happened, Kanan knew exactly who to blame. Meanwhile, Agent Tanner was trying to throw more blame Marvin’s way. He visited Lou at his rehab facility and questioned him on multiple things including Marvin’s relationship with Howard, Howard looking for him specifically and how his recording studio became a target for the Boselli. Lou held it down and didn’t give them anything. Before Tanner exited, he mentioned how Lou’s facility was pricey and asked who was fitting the bill, to which Lou also didn’t answer. Later on that night, Marvin pulled up on Raq and confirmed that it was Ronnie who was behind the unsuccessful hit. Raq told her brother that they weren’t going to retaliate against Ronnie with the reason being that she didn’t want to go to war with her son. She instructed Marvin to go and talk to Snaps and Pop, in an attempt to settle things. Speaking of those two, they were busy scolding Ronnie about his people missing the shot and him not being the one shooting. Before they could get too deep, Kanan rushes in and has some words for Ronnie. He made note that they’re partners and Ronnie never said anything about killing Raq. Things got really heated when Kanan exclaimed that he told Ronnie don’t mess with his family and Ronnie stood up and told Kanan he doesn’t tell him anything. Snaps then stopped things from getting too crazy by separating the two. Before leaving, Kanan warned Ronnie that this situation isn’t what he thinks it is and he isn’t who Ronnie thinks he is. We seen Howard try to go back to who we seen him be through out the series. He visited a mosque and prayed, showing that he knew his walls were caving in. He wasn’t the only one though. After Famous got off of the phone with Mr. Gelfand, their house was bombarded by police who said they were arresting him for murder. Marvin made his way over to Snaps and Pop but the meeting didn’t go necessarily as planned. Despite both sides agreeing that they don’t want things to get any crazier, Snaps comes out and tells Marvin that he doesn’t think a little talk is going to resolve the issues that the two sides have. Howard showed up at Raq’s house hoping that the two of them could get on the same page. He disclosed that the Feds were finally putting two and two together and they were coming for them. Reading through him, Raq asked if they were coming for him or them. Howard responded by saying they’re one in the same. He went on to say that there’s only once chance that they can get out of it (he did also admit that it might not get him out of trouble entirely but it should clear Raq and Kanan) and that’s if Marvin took the fall. Raq’s reaction alone shows that she was not a fan of the idea in the least bit.

It seems that Juke and Kanan are back on good terms. The cousins met up and talked about Juke’s decision to go serve. Kanan wasn’t necessarily supportive of it, as he voiced that he was content with staying and being buried right where he was in Southside. He continues by telling Juke that he didn’t have anything to do with the attempted shooting of Raq. He told Juke to let his mother know that he was done working with Ronnie. He emphasized that just because he was done dealing with Ronnie, it didn’t mean that Raq and him were cool. As Juke tried to explain that nothing means more to Raq than him, a van pulls up and masked gunmen hop out. As they hold Juke at gunpoint and grab Kanan, he is heard yelling about how he knows it’s Ronnie who’s behind it. Who was behind Famous getting arrested? His own mother. Apparently, she turned in a handgun that she found in his room to the police. Ironically enough, the gun’s ballistics match the same gun that was used to kill Freddie. After Famous vehemently denies ever using the gun (he says bought if off of someone for protection) or having anything to do with the situation altogether, he and his mother request a lawyer. The officers urge Famous to take a deal instead of trying to get a lawyer involved. They weren’t the officers trying to do convincing. Howard was trying his best to get Raq to understand why Marvin had to be the one to take one for the team. He continued explaining that everything he ever did was to protect her and Kanan before saying they were the worst thing that ever happened to him. Raq pointed out how everybody always blames her for the decisions to make. Raq continued by questioning how she’s such a problem to everybody but at the same time, she’s always the solution. Before she could continue her tangent, Juke and Marvin bursted into the house and alerted Raq and Howard (reluctantly) what just happened to Kanan. While this was happening, Lou was talking to his therapist again. Although it seemed like he had made a break through, he shared with his therapist that he was never going to be any more than what he was. In the midst of Lou trying to find himself, others were trying to find answers. After Famous blatantly lies to his mother again, Captain Baptiste and Agent Tanner come in and take the spots of the original officers doing the interrogating. They share that Freddie has a long criminal record and that it wouldn’t surprise them if self defense played a part in the whole ordeal. Next, they brought up how Howard got him released (without any charges being filed) from detainment when he was arrested outside of Freddie’s apartment complex at an earlier date. After his mother told him to the tell the cops what they know, it seemed like Famous was going to spill the beans but he didn’t. Instead, he again asked for a lawyer. Raq, Marvin and Howard (yes, Howard was actually with them) met with Snaps and Pop to see what Ronnie was asking for in exchange for Kanan. The old couple told them that Ronnie wanted Raq’s connect, her business and $500,000. As they were leaving Snaps and Pop’s joint, Raq told Marvin she knew where she could get the cash from. She told Howard he’d have to stand down though. He told her that he was going to be there when she made the drop for Kanan since as that getting him home safely might be the last good thing he gets to do. Before separating, Howard again reminds Raq (in front of Marvin also) that they might be able to save Kanan but they can’t save everybody and there’s a price that still needs to be paid.

While her family was out trying to avoid a war and a crisis, we find Juke at home watching an Army video, further showing how tough the decision she had to make was. It probably wasn’t easy but Raq made the decision to ask Stefano for the cash she needed to free Kanan. Raq put up her house and the real estate she owns as collateral for the payment. After telling Raq that he hopes Kanan knows how much she loves him, he agrees to give her the money. Back to decisions, Lou almost made one that would’ve flipped the Thomas family upside down. Feeling like he had nothing else to live for, Lou tried to commit suicide. Fortunately, he choose not to go through with it. Once Raq and Howard got to the meet up spot, we see that Marvin is on top of the building staking out. As they’re about to walk in, Howard tries to hold the bag with the money in it but Raq declines to let him. He tells her that she can’t go her whole life without trusting anybody. She replies that it’s been working out her whole life so far. After being pat down by Ronnie’s men, the two make their way to a backroom where Ronnie and Kanan, who is standing beside him, await. When Raq tells Ronnie she’s ready to make the trade off for Kanan, he tells her that he can’t give her what isn’t his. As soon as he says that, Kanan steps a bit forward and lets them know that no one kidnapped and they’ve been played. As Howard and Raq stand there a bit confused, Ronnie tells them that all he wanted was Raq’s work and connect but it was Kanan who wanted the money. After Raq throws the bag of money over to Ronnie, he reaches down and starts to count it. For the first time we can recall, there’s a smile on Ronnie’s face. As he says they’re rich, Kanan pulls out a gun and shoots him in the head. Almost immediately after that, Raq realizes the opportunity that’s in front of her. She picks up the same gun Kanan used to shoot Ronnie and uses it to shoot Howard in the right side of his head (pretty much the same way he killed Detective Burke). By looking at his face, it’s obvious that Kanan feels a combination of confusion, surprise, fear and uncertainty. Ronnie’s men make their way to the back room but before they can do anything, Marvin takes them out. He asks Raq (and Kanan) what happened but before either of them can respond, he says they have to get out of there. Raq then picks up the bag of money and tells Kanan that he’s coming with them. As they leave the warehouse, Kanan asks Raq what she just did. Her response was simply “what had to be done.” As the Thomas family was leaving the scene, they seemed to be getting watched by someone. We’re then taken back to the scene of the two shootings where we hear footsteps approaching the body of Ronnie. We’re shown black boots then the camera pans up to a person wearing all black. When the camera finally gets up to the person’s face, it turns out to be none other than…UNIQUE!!! Older Kanan’s narration ends the season by saying “When you kill somebody, make sure they’re dead.” with a close up of Unique’s heavily stitched face staring into the camera. WOW, WHAT A SEASON!!! How will killing Howard being killed impact Marvin’s case? Are Raq and Kanan going to work out their differences? Is Juke actually going to go through with going to the military? If so, how will it change her? Is Krystal pregnant? Will Famous’ lawyer get him off scot-free? What is going through Unique’s head? What does he remember? How did he know where to find Raq, Ronnie and Kanan? There are so many questions that we’ll have to wait until next season to get answers to. We can’t wait! Let us know what you thought about this episode, this season and what you think or want to happen on Season 4 of Raising Kanan!