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Although the game and the halftime show are the main pillars of Super Bowl Sunday, the commercials are right behind them. Click inside to check out the best commercials from Super Bowl LVIII (58)!

Every year fans gather with their friends and family to enjoy one of the biggest nights in sports, the Super Bowl. For some, it’s a night where they can watch their favorite football team compete to possibly win a championship. For others,  it’s the ‘free concert’ that pulls them in. Then there are the people who just want to be around food, drinks and fellowship. No matter what category someone fits in, there’s one thing almost everyone agrees on…we want to see good commercials!

For years companies have shelled out large amounts of cash (some 30 second slots cost up to $7 million this year) to get their ads on television during the big game. It’s a smart investment considering how many viewers the Super Bowl brings in every year (the Super Bowl had 39 million viewers this year while Usher’s halftime performance had 30.1 million). In recent years, the quality of the commercials have been up for debate but that hasn’t stopped advertisers from making sure their ads get ran.

There was no shortage of celebrity sightings this year. Stars from Beyoncé to Arnold Schwarzenegger to Ben Affleck made appearances in ads this year (some of which were released before the Super Bowl). In case you missed them, here are the best commercials from Super Bowl LVIII. Let us know which ones were your favorites in the comments.

1. Doritos Dinamita: Dina & Mita

Source:Doritos Dinamita

2. Verizon: Can’t B Broken


3. Budweiser: Old School Delivery


4. BMW: Talkin’ Like Walken

Source:BMW USA

5. Dove: Hard Knocks

Source:Dove US

6. NFL: Born To Play


7. Uber Eats: Worth Remembering

Source:Uber Eats

8. Kia: Perfect 10

Source:Kia America

9. Dunkin’: The DunKIngs


10. State Farm: Like A Good Neighbaaa

Source:State Farm Insurance

11. Paramount+: Mountain Of Entertainment

Source:Paramount Plus

12. BetMGM: Tom Has Won Enough


13. Skechers: No, Mr. T


14. NERDS: Gummy Clusters

Source:NERDS Candy

15. Starry: Ice Spice


16. Bud Light: Post Malone

Source:Bud Light

17. Homes: We’ve Done Your Homework

18. T-Mobile: Auditions


19. NYX: Cardi B

Source:NYX Cosmetics

20. Cera Ve: Michael Cera

Source:CeraVe Skincare