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Over the weekend, “Abbott Elementary” star Tyler James Williams’ spoke out against fans’ speculations about his sexual identity. His little brother Tyrel Williams reflects on his comments and shares how Tyler has helped their family deconstructed their ideas of masculinity. Read more inside.

Bossip reported about how Tyler bravely spoke to people’s concerns surrounding his sexuality and specifically pointing out the harm it causes for those who might be struggling with their own identity. As we continue to celebrate Pride Month, Williams understood the significance of addressing this conversation publicly and it’s opened up a larger conversation.

According to his little brother Tyrel, Tyler is more than a great actor but a wonderful older brother who’s encouraged meaningful conversations for their family.

Tyrel responded with a thread of tweets reflecting on his big brother’s comments over the weekend.

“I love seeing people realize the caliber of person my older brother is,” he shares on Twitter.

Tyrel noted that his brother has always been this type of person, adding that he’s “genuinely one of my favorite people.”

According to Tyrel, both of Tyler’s younger brothers are gay. In the thread he goes on to share that Tyler handled he and his younger brother’s coming out with such care.

“The way he handled my and our younger brother’s coming out should be studied,” Tyrel added. “He COMPLETELY deconstructed his views on masculinity and made sure to build spaces for us to be comfortable and seen until we were ready to tell our friends/family.”

Tyler read and recommended Bell Hooks books like We Real Cool and The Will To Change to help them explore their identity and work to accept it as a family.

“He listed to our problems. Gave advice when he had it and was honest and empathetic when he didn’t,” Tyrel said of his brother in the Twitter thread.

The actor’s brother commended him for helping their entire family redefine their idea of manhood together.

“We all rebuilt our definition of manhood together, brick-by-brick,” Tyrell shared. “And it was not easy work. But we weren’t doing it alone.”

The thread goes on to share how affirming it was to have that support from his older brother and how necessary it was to have someone help them find and access resources to feel safe in growing in their sexual identity and preferences.

He ended the thread with, “there never was a box to begin with,” which is essentially what Tyler encouraged his fans to understand in terms of not having to explain his sexual identity in the first place.

We love this! Happy Pride Month and shout out to big brother Tyler James Williams for the love, care and support, being an advocate and his brothers’ keeper.