After two and a half months of being in the house, Spring is officially coming to an end as May creeps upon us. Is it just us or does 2020 feel like it went J A N U A R YYYYYYYY FebruaryMarchApril?

And with the COVID-19 pandemic still in flux, there’s still no sure fire answer as to when things will be back to normal. So here we are, creeping up on a whole new season as we grieve the loss of one we didn’t get to experience this year.  Fortunately, there’s still a few things to look forward to that will help keep your mind off the great L we took this Spring and paying rent again already.



Check out a few things you get to look forward to this month.

Cinco De Mayo

After the year we’ve had, if feels like everyone’s been doing what they can to take the edge off, including getting wasted on random days.  But this month, you have a reason to chug tequila at 12:30 in the afternoon on a Monday, thanks to Cinco De Mayo



Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’, Love Birds, For Colored Girls and more new and classic Black content is coming to Netflix in May.


Memorial Day 

Memorial Day is the unofficial, official Summer kickoff. Not sure if we’ll be outside again, but we’ll definitely find something fun to do.


National Wine Day

It’s not like we need a reason to drink wine, but National Wine Day on May 25th  is a perfect day to do so.


Mother’s Day

Sure, we should honoring the women who gave us lives everyday. But this month is the special day to show love to the special lady in our lives.

In Loving Memory: 

MET Gala 

If you love fashion, than your favorite time of year is just around the corner. This year’s costume institute gala will take place on Monday and is said to cost $30,000 per ticket. Some people watch for the fashion moments, but the rest of us stay for the drama.