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Nia Long has been a leading lady amongst popular Black films and TV shows since the early ‘90s. The beloved actress believes separatism in film with categories like “Black movies” or referring to certain celebrities as “Blackfamous” holds Black entertainers back. Watch a clip from her interview with “The Daily Show’s” guest host Wanda Sykes inside.

Long’s extensive resume includes popular films like Friday, The Best Man, and Love Jones. She prides herself on telling stories that represent her while highlighting and exploring the general Black experience. However, she had to clear up her previous statements on “The Daily Show” with guest host Sykes to better explain why she feels categorizing films created by Black people creates further separatism in the entertainment industry.

In a previous interview with Buzzfeed, Long tells journalist Morgan Murrell that, “I think terms like that hold us back,” referring to “Black movies” and “Blackfamous.” Long goes on to add, “And I have to catch myself sometimes too, because I’m very proud of who I am.”

The You People star says that it divides our communities, which is a message that the new Netflix rom-com focuses on throughout the film.

“When I use the word ‘Black,’ I don’t use it as a way to separate ourselves from anyone,” Long tells Buzzfeed. “I use it as a way to put an exclamation point behind our greatness, because I don’t think that it’s always been celebrated and recognized.”

Long aims to represent the Black community, but she welcomes all communities to enjoy her work.

“I’m here to represent who we are,” Long shares in her interview with Buzzfeed. “And if you want to come along for the ride, everyone’s welcome!”

In the most recent clip with Sykes, Long dives deeper into her sentiments about separatism in Hollywood. Long says that through understanding and acceptance art can be representative of all of us.

Check out Nia Long’s thoughts on terms like “Blackfamous” below: