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Tommy and Diamond suspect a snitch and put their inner circle to the test. Mireya gives Tommy a key piece of information. The war between Miguel and Mirkovic comes to a head.


The episode picks up with Tommy and Diamond after they’ve gotten rid of Reeves’ body. Tommy lets Diamond know that Jenny Su informed him that there’s a snitch in CBI. Tommy suspects that it’s Jenard but Diamond isn’t convinced and believes it Vic. Tommy says they can figure out who it is by putting them all through a “die test.” Jenard stops by the shop to check in on Diamond. Diamond orders his brother to find the people who killed Leon. Tommy and Diamond alert all the members of the coalition that the feds are on to them and proceed to give them all news burners. Tommy tells Diamond that Jenny Su has a connection with the phone companies. His plan is to give her a list of the numbers of the burners and if the feds get a warrant on any of them, they’ll flag it. Diamond goes to Gianna’s house to apologize and return some of Leon’s belongings but is surprised to see Jamal. He is even more surprised when Jamal makes a comment pretty much confirming he was the one who told Reeves that he was playing him. At Shanti’s gym, Jenard expresses how he feels like there’s value in keeping Diamond around and there’s a way that they can just kick Tommy out instead. They agree to put a pin in the conversation. Shanti then tells Jenard about Claudia’s deal with Mirkovic and the Marquez Cartel. She tells Jenard that her plan is to hobble Claudia so that she can’t finish the race. Shanti makes her way to Tommy’s crib to hip him to what’s going on. The two agree that Shanti should tell Claudia that she’s all in and that she should stop moving powder for CBI for the time being. He gives her a burner and tells her he’ll give her a call when she can be back in but for the moment, they have to make it seem as if they’re enemies. When Diamond returns to his shop from the Garcia funeral, he’s surprised to see that it’s filled with cops. The leading lady questions him about the whereabouts of his parole officer. As Diamond explains the situation, Jenard walks in just in time to back up his story. Once the officers leave, Diamond tells Jenard what he did to Reeves. Jenard tells Diamond that his people found the person who killed Leon. He told his big brother that he wasn’t affiliated with anybody but he was only 16. Diamond didn’t care as he told Jenard to bring him to him. Diamond also told Jenard that he found out who told his parole officer that he was back in the game and they needed to handle that. Diamond and Jenard grab up Jamal and take him to river. Diamond lets him know the last thing Leon said to him and that he was the one who got his own son killed before drowning him. Diamond tells Jenard that he had his parole hearing and he got early release. Jenard mentions Miguel shooting up Mirkovic’s club. He says that he feels like Tommy has been making a lot of solo moves recently. Diamond says he doesn’t mind because he’s been distracted. Jenard breaks the news to Diamond that Mad Dog (the kid who killed Leon) is the nephew of King Kilo. Will Diamond choose revenge over the coalition? How long will Jenard play both sides of the fence? Is Shanti as smart as she thinks she is?


Claudia interrupts a meeting (at Elise’s club) between Mirkovic and Roberto, a dealer from Detroit who works for the Marquez Cartel. She introduces herself as Mirkovic’s business partner and tells Roberto how much product she’s been moving with him. She continues by saying they can do the same with him. Roberto warns her to not make promises that she can’t keep. He eventually agrees to work with them but only under the conditions that they pay for the first two drops in advance. When Roberto leaves, Mirkovic tells Claudia that if she wants in, she must come up with all of the money or lose his protection. Claudia tells Shanti about her meeting with the Marquez Cartel. She tells Shanti that she can either continue to just move pills with her, bow out altogether or leave CBI completely and go all in with her. Shanti thinks about it quickly and asks what’s the buy in. Elise volunteers to give them the money. Later on, Vic pulls up on Tommy and plants the the bug.   Elise makes good on her promise to give Claudia the buy in money and also confesses her love for her while doing so. What does going into business with the Marquez Cartel mean for Claudia’s problems with Tommy? Will Claudia realize Shanti is playing her? Will Elise be more of a key player than we thought?


As Kate sleeps on the couch, JP finds some empty liquor bottles in the trash. Before he can say anything to her, he gets a call from the school that D-Mac was at. They inform him that D-Mac got into a fight with another student and fled the campus. JP makes his way to Marshall’s house where D-Mac is hiding out. D-Mac lets loose on JP, telling him that he isn’t going back to that school and he shouldn’t have sent him off in the first place. JP tries to apologize but D-Mac isn’t hearing it. JP promises that he’ll talk to Tommy and make it right. Back at this home, JP brings up the bottles he found to Kate. Before Kate can reply, JP assures her that she doesn’t have to lie to him. The two sit down and JP lets her know that he accepts her amends. He explains how it was a difference between her leaving him and him leaving D-Mac. JP then lets her know that D-Mac is back but she can’t go see him. Kate says that she’ll talk to Tommy but JP says he’ll be the one to do it. He makes Kate promise that she won’t try to see D-Mac. Will Tommy find out that D-Mac is back? How will the conversation between him and JP go? Will Kate hold up her promise to not try and find D-Mac?


Mireya comes to Miguel’s spot and overhears him and their grandmother discussing his next moves. Miguel scheduled a meeting with Diamond to see if he’s loyal to Tommy and if so, how much. His plan was to merge CBI and the Insane Princes then kill Tommy. Before she can leave, Miguel tells her that he needs her to give him his insulin shot. In order to get out of there, Mireya says that she got a call to come into work, leaving their grandmother (who just asked to borrow Miguel’s car but was told Nuñez had it) to take on the responsibility. When Mireya gets to Tommy’s house, she immediately asks him about LaKeisha. Tommy tells her the truth. Mireya tells him that the US Attorney came around asking questions about him. She also shared what she heard Miguel say earlier in the day. In this moment, Mireya clarifies that she is choosing Tommy over Miguel. Once Diamond arrives, abuela exits and Miguel begins to talk shop. He questions Diamond about how committed he is to Tommy and lets him in on his plan. When abuela gets outside to Miguel’s car, Nuñez (who is supposed to be driving her) is nowhere to be found. She doesn’t feel like waiting so she decides that she’ll drive herself. As soon as she hops in the car and starts it up, it blows up. Miguel, Diamond and everyone inside hear the explosion and rush outside but are too late to rescue her from the flames. In a meeting with. Mirkovic, it’s revealed that Nuñez was behind Miguel’s car blowing up. When Nuñez realizes the money he received was light, Mirkovic explains that Miguel was the target and not his grandmother and that he would get the rest when Miguel was dead. Tommy and Diamond show up to the Garcia’s grandmothers funeral to show their respect. While there, Tommy runs into Ché and introduces him to Diamond. He then offers to be the one to take out Mirkovic. After Ché tells him that it’s not the time for business, Tommy informs him that they’re running out of time. He lets Ché know that Mirkovic is about to agree to do business with the Marquez Cartel. Ché tells Tommy that he’s overstepping into family business and that Mirkovic is Miguel’s kill. Tommy comes up with an idea to mess up Miguel’s play on Mirkovic, take him out themselves and then ask Ché for everything. Tommy implores Mireya to stay at his house because he has a feeling that somebody in Miguel’s crew is working with the Serbs. Mireya realizes that it was Nuñez and quickly tells Tommy. After Vic meets Tommy at his house and plants the bug, the two leave but not before he grabs a large knife. In the car, Tommy brings up how much he hates rats and you can tell that Vic was right about Tommy possibly knowing something. Tommy and Vic catch Nuñez outside of Mirkovic’s spot and kidnap him. They take him to an abandoned warehouse and begin to torture him in hopes that he’ll tell them Miguel’s plan to move on Mirkovic. Tommy tells Vic to hand him the knife. As Tommy begins to cut Nuñez’s tattoo off the back of his head, he finally folds. It turns out that it was just in time. Miguel and his men were scheduled to do a hit on Mirkovic’s spot around the same time. Tommy made Nuñez call Mirkovic and warn him. Mirkovic gets the call at the exact time that shots began to ring. Although there were a good number of bodies dropped, Mirkovic escaped and wasn’t one of them. Ché is pissed that Miguel couldn’t get the job done because it meant that the Marquez Cartel was now in Chicago and the Serbs were untouchable. Before Ché could continue to berate Miguel, Tommy shows up with a bruised and battered Nuñez. He lets Miguel and Ché know that Nuñez was the one who planted the bomb in Miguel’s car. Ché again yells at Miguel for not knowing that there was a rat in his organization when Tommy did. As Tommy leaves, Miguel shoots Nuñez in the head. Tommy returns to his spot and lets Mireya know that the situation is handled but he still wants her to stay with him. She lets him know that she’s been thinking of a contingency plan, which is them going to Barcelona. How will Mirkovic and the Serbs retaliate against Miguel? How will Ché treat Tommy and Diamond now that they’ve done something that Miguel couldn’t? How long will it take for Miguel to find out about Mireya and Tommy?


Stacy and Detective DiFranco disagree on whether they should move forward with arresting Tommy. DiFranco is concerned that Vic’s information was forced and won’t hold up. He goes on to threaten his wife by telling her that he’ll testify against her if she moves forward. Stacy takes her husband’s threat seriously and ends up getting a warrant to bug Tommy’s home. DiFranco suggests that Vic be the one that plants the bug at Tommy’s. After Vic gives Stacy his new number, she tells him that they need him to plant the bug. An anxious Vic tells them that he thinks Tommy knows something. They pretty much ignore him and tell him that they need a time, date and location for Tommy making a buy. They assure him that they have his back. Stacy and DiFranco listen to Tommy and Mireya talk through the bug and start to reminisce about their first kiss. Jenny Su alerts Tommy him that she got the phone records. He is shocked and disgusting when he finds out that Vic’s phone was indeed the one who got flagged. Vic meets with Stacy and tells her about Nuñez, Miguel, Mirkovic and everything in between. Vic asks when everything will be over. Stacy says that once the catch Tommy red handed in a room with a Cartel player, it’ll be the end. Unfortunately for Vic, Tommy was watching him talk to Stacy the whole time. Will Vic make it out alive or will the feds have another body on their hands? Let us know what you thought about this episode and what you think will happen on the season finale in the comments!