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Every year, hip-hop fans anxiously wait for the day that the newest XXL Freshman Class will be revealed. Since its first edition in 2007, XXL has took the responsibility of spotlighting the stars that will shape the game’s future. For the past 17 years, making the XXL Freshman List has been a key milestone for the artists that have been fortunate enough to be named to it. From Latto to Nipsey Hussle to Kodak Black, each year a new batch of talent is celebrated for the work they’ve already put in and the impact they will surely have on the culture in the future. This week (June 24th), we found out who the latest group of up and coming artists who comprise the class are.

The 2024 XXL Freshman Class theme is “Not Like Us.” The individuals inducted into this year’s class have all proven that they posses a certain “it” factor that makes them stand out amongst their peers (and the game period, for that matter). Whether it be through their undeniable music, their unique swags or massive social media followings, the 11 artists who were selected this year have shown that they have more than what it takes not only to make a splash in the game but to also potentially end up on top of it. These artists continue to push the culture forward and advance what we look at as hip-hop today. Their futures are indeed bright!

XXL will release freestyles, cyphers, interviews and more with each Freshman over the next month. 808 Mafia leader and producer Southside, who created the beats for the highly anticipated freestyles, will also be interviewed about how the whole process went for him. The Freshman issue is now available everywhere and also gives an update on last year’s class and what they are up to.

Congratulations to all of the artists who were voted to be Freshman this year! We thought it would be pretty cool to make a playlist of our favorite songs from the 2024 XXL Freshman Class. Slide in the comments and let us know who your favorites are and if there’s anybody that you would’ve wanted to see make the list who didn’t!

1. BigXthaPlug


Birthplace: Dallas, TX 

Suggested Listens: Amar (2023), THE BIGGEST (2023), MEET THE 6IXERS (2024)

2. Texas


3. That Mexican OT


Birthplace: Bay City, TX

Suggested Listens: 1 Double 0 (2021), Nonsense and Mexican Shit (2022), The Show Must Go On (2023), Lonestar Luchador (2023), Texas Technician (2024)

4. Johnny Dang ft. Paul Wall & Drodi

Source:That Mexican OT

5. Lay Bankz


Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA 

Suggested Listens: Now You See Me (2023), After 7 (2024)

6. Tell Ur Girlfriend

Source:Lay Bankz 🤍

7. BossMan Dlow


Birthplace: Port Salerno, FL 

Origin: Tallahasse, FL

Suggested Listens: Too Slippery (2023), 2 Slippery (2023), Mr Beat The Road (2024) 

8. Get In With Me

Source:BossMan Dlow

9. 4batz


Birthplace: Dallas, TX

Suggested Listens: u made me a star (2024)

10. act ii: date @ 8 (remix) ft. Drake


11. ScarLip


Birthplace: Bronx, NY

Origin: Brooklyn, NY

Suggested Listens: This Is New York, Blick, She’s Hot 

12. No Statements


13. Hunxho


Birthplace: Greensboro, NC

Suggested Listens: Street Poetry (2022), XHOSEN (2022), Humble As Ever (2023), 22 (2023), 4 Days In LA (2023), For Her (Deluxe) (2023), Before The Album (2024)

14. Your Friends


15. Rich Amiri


Birthplace: Boston, MA

Suggested Listens: For The Better (2022), Evolution (2023), Ghetto Fabolous (2023)

16. One Call

Source:Rich Amiri

17. Maiya The Don


Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY 

Suggested Listens: Hot Commodity (2023)

18. Telfy

Source:Maiya The Don

19. Cash Cobain


Birthplace: The Bronx, NY

Suggested Listens: Nirvana (2021), Slizzy Timing (2022), 2 Slizzy 2 Sexy (Deluxe) (2022), Pretty Girls Love Slizzy (2023)

20. Fisherrr (Remix) w/ Bay Swag ft. Ice Spice

Source:Ice Spice

21. Skilla Baby


Birthplace: Detroit, MI 

Suggested Listens: Carmelo Bryant (2020), Standing On Bidness (2021), Detroit Raised Me (2022), Crack Music 2 (2022), Controversy (2023), We Eat The Most (Reloaded) (2023), The Coldest (2024) 

22. Bae

Source:Skilla Baby

23. Southside


Birthplace: Atlanta, GA 

Suggested Listens: Swervo w/ G Herbo (2018), Demons R Us w/ Doe Boy (2020), Single: Gimme Da Lite (w/ Lil Yachty) (2023)

24. Hold That Heat w/ Future ft. Travis Scott