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As paranoia sets in for Raq and Howard over the Task Force, Kanan and Famous launch their weed delivery business, Jukebox prepares for her audition, and Ronnie grows impatient with Unique.

Episode three began with us finally seeing who Ronnie really is. He’s been shown to us as very quiet and observant so far. In reality, he is those things and also very violent. He caught up with the bouncer from the club that gave him a hard time and proceeded to beat him senseless before taking his money. While Ronnie was enjoying his freedom, it seemed like Stefano wouldn’t be able to enjoy his for much longer. The FBI came and arrested him and Giorgio at the fish store. Apparently they got a tip that Stefano was selling an endangered fish. Meanwhile, Kanan was tired of being broke. He set up another meeting with Semrad but ended up going alone because Famous didn’t want to wake up. The two ended up striking a deal as Kanan promised that the venture would be very lucrative for both parties. Elsewhere, with the help of Lou and Marvin, Juke continued preparing for her audition. It just so happens that the tip the FBI got was invalid so they were forced to let Stefano go. Before they released him to go, they did inquire about the deaths of Crown and Sal Boselli. Stefano wasn’t the only one who was being hipped to what was going on. Howard made sure that he let Raq know what the cops were looking into and how it could impact them. He then went on to tell her that he seen Kanan hanging with some guys he’s unfamiliar with and they can’t afford for him to be on the cops’ radar. Raq took it upon herself to pullup at Famous’ crib, yet again. After not getting much useful information out of Famous, Raq gave him a fat wad of cash. She let him know that if they needed anything, they should come to her. Outside of Famous’ spot, Raq peeped that she was being watched.

Speaking of being watched, Ronnie is seemingly watching everything. He met with Unique and the first thing he wanted to speak on was why they weren’t up and moving already. Unique let him know that it’s going to take a little minute but Raq wasn’t anything he needed to worry about. Someone Raq is always worried about is her niece. She made her way to Juke to gift her with a brand new necklace before her audition. In true Raq fashion, she also squeezed in a question about what Kanan has going on over at Famous’ crib. Of course Juke held it down and didn’t say anything. When Kanan got back to their spot, he approached Famous about being broke, lazy and not wanting to hustle. Kanan didn’t appreciate the fact that Famous not only let Raq in their crib but he also took money from her. Kanan warned Famous that if he did either again, he’d f-ck him up. Thanks to Stefano putting in the good word, Unique got set up with an Asian plug. He agreed to start off by giving Unique a small package but only if he sold it out of his cousin’s Chinese restaurant. In the midst of a conversation with Captain Baptiste, Howard finds out that Detective Foyle isn’t letting the Burke situation go away quietly. Apparently, she’s the main reason the IAD is still looking into the case. Although we know Juke loves singing, we know that down the line it doesn’t end up working for her how she wants it to. We’re shown a scene where she is on her bed checking out an Army pamphlet. Could this be a crossroads for her? Is she contemplating quitting singing?

Marvin and Lou made their way to a club where Marvin was serving some of his wall street clients. Lou confirms that he finished the track for Juke and that it was off the hook. Their conversation is cut short when Marvin gets a 911 page. As Marvin leaves to take care of the matter, he implores his younger brother not to get into anything stupid. Lou ended up getting drunk and stumbling into another bar. At the bar, he meets an older white lady named Shirley who knew his father from his horn playing days. It turns out that the emergency Marvin had to tend to was his friend Gerald relapsing and doing drugs. Marvin made sure that he got him home safely. Speaking of being at home, Unique came over to see Raq again. Before he left, he was sure to let her know about the connect he just got through Stefano. Raq quickly warned him to be careful when it came to the Italians because they all are slippery. As Unique left, we see that Ronnie has been following him and now knows that he has something going on with Raq. Back at the bar, Lou is enjoying his drinks and a live performance by a rap group until a white guy starts disrespecting them. Lou takes it upon himself to do exactly what Marvin told him not to…something stupid.

Detective Howard took the information he got earlier in the episode and approached Detective Foyle. He acted as if he came to check in on her but in reality he was there to try and convince her that they needed to let Burke rest in peace and not have the IAD continue investigating her death. Although it seemed like she was receptive to the message, we can never be too sure at this point. One thing we can be sure about is the fact that Kanan wastes no time when he’s all in on something. Him and Famous got their weed business up and moving and had a team of about 6 couriers with maps primed and ready to go. They were doing so well that their phones were constantly ringing all day. Kanan realized that they were going to need more delivery boys. While Kanan was looking at expansion, so was Raq. While she was getting her hair done, her hairdresser let her know that their landlord had been looking to sell the place for over a year but no one wants to buy it. Okay, back to Lou. He ended up beating the heckler from the bar and woke up in jail. He is still heavily being haunted by what he had to do to D-Wiz and what Raq did to Scrappy. This is evident by him hallucinating in his holding cell thinking he saw them when in actuality it was just two other inmates.

Lou getting thrown in jail was obviously bad for him but it was also bad for Juke. As her and Marvin waited in line to finally get inside to audition, her nerves started to get the best of her. She went to the bathroom to throw up and when she came out of the stall, she was greeted by another girl who was there to audition who gave her a breath mint and good luck. Like we’ve become accustomed to, Jukebox did her thing! An excited Marvin couldn’t contain his excitement for his daughter as they shared a heartwarming moment. One person who is starting to seem heartless is Detective Howard. It’s clear that he knows he isn’t living right. He couldn’t being himself to go inside to pray with his Muslim counterparts. Instead, he made up the excuse that he had just gotten a call and had to leave. When Lou finally got out of jail, the first place he went was back to Shirley’s spot. He ended up apologizing for disrespecting her spot and the two ended up agreeing to work together at the club. Lou told her that he would help her with security, booking performers and promotion. Similar to her brother, Raq was eyeing some new property too. Raq met with a realtor about the hair salon space. While she was discussing specifics, we peep that the feds are actively taking pictures of her. The episode ends with Kanan and Famous observing how much money they had made that day. Famous notices that someone is clocking them. When Kanan turns around, he realizes that it’s none other than Ronnie menacingly staring at them. Can Kanan and Famous keep their business booming? What will Kanan’s first intereaction with Ronnie be like? When will Ronnie let Unique know that he’s on to him? Can the Italians be trusted? What will the feds next move be against Raq? How will Lou make things up to Juke? Will Lou be able to keep the club away from his family? Let us know what you thought about this episode and what you think will happen on the next one in the comments!