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Rihanna shares that her two boys love music and this one popular nursery rhyme is their favorite right now. She also shares that her and A$AP Rocky are trying to decide who will use RZA and Riot’s voices on their upcoming projects. Read more and check out a video clip inside.

The Entertainment Tonight journalist mentioned that Rihanna recently shared that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s eldest son RZA, who made them first-time parents in May 2022, has an affinity for music. Rihanna commented on the carpet that the almost two year old is an empath like his mom.

“He can pretend to be tough, but deep down he’s a softie,” Rihanna adds to her son’s nature.

Rihanna and Rocky also share another son named Riot Rose, who was born in August 2023.

In the viral clip, the journalist later asked, “What’s your favorite song to sing to them right now?”

Rihanna responded, “They both love ‘Wheels on the Bus’.” She adds, “That’s where I can get both of them to be into me all at the same time.”

She begins to sing citing that it’s, “all about the song. Round and Round,” as she does a circular motion with her hands.

As far as RZA and her youngest Riot to be included on her upcoming album, Rihanna says that it’s their decision.

“It’s up to them,” the singer and Fenty Beauty founder shared. “I already got stuff I feel like I can make hits out of.”

Rihanna goes on to share that the biggest challenge is deciding what her and Rocky will do with these sound bites they have their two sons. Will Rih or Rocky take the heat for themselves?

“Me and Rocky are really trying to figure out whose gonna use what,” she adds in the video. “It’s so good.”

The two became first time parents in 2022 with the birth of their son RZA. Then, Riot Rose came August 2023.Rihanna once praised A$AP Rocky as a partner and a father.

We can’t wait to hear the music.

Watch a clip from this conversation below: