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One TikTok user shared a viral video praising Method Man and Wu-Tang Clan for showing support to the Palestinian community. The video notes that the group has shown its solidarity and support for the community since its early days with many mentions of “PLO” style. Read more and find out what it means inside.

Wu-Tang’s influence on music and American culture goes without saying. From its signature logo to bars that resonate for generations, the group has made noticeably profound shifts in the culture.

In the viral TikTok, the social media user points out how on Wu-Tang’s 1993 LP, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), the phrase “PLO style” was utilized on multiple records. Method Man also paid homage to the often used phrase with a track titled “PLO Style” on his debut solo album Tical, which was released in 1994.

So, you might wonder what is PLO Style?

In an interview in 2015, Method Man shared that the PLO he references is the Palestine Liberation Organization.

“They own this store around our way,” Method Man revealed in the interview. “PLO Store. The same way Wu-Tang respected how the Kung Fu dudes doing their thing, we respected how the PLOs got down.”

Method Man shared that the track was inspired by images of Palestinian resistance fighters he saw in a New York City store.

“They freedom fighters and we felt like we was fighting for our freedom every day too where we lived at,” he adds in the clip.

Like Wu-Tang’s many contributions to the culture, their PLO references have made an impact on other artists in the industry. Mobb Deep used the phrase on their song “I’m Going Out.”

The TikTok user contributes Wu-Tang’s PLO references as some of the biggest moments of Black and Palestinian solidarity in the history of music. They have had their pulse on the culture and the community for over three decades.

Shout out Method Man and Wu-Tang Clan for still making a difference.

Check out the viral video below: