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R&B luminary Samoht debuted his third album Amor last Friday (Nov. 10) with a release concert in Los Angeles. The Grammy and Stellar award nominated artist shared his intention behind the project, his overall image and what’s to come in a special interview before the show. Read more from our conversation with Samoht and stream the album inside.

Following the scintillating success of his summer singles “Moonlight” and “Pool,” North Carolina talent Samoht unleashes his third album, Amor.  The highly anticipated release boasts itself as a sonic odyssey, showcasing Samoht’s signature blend of soulful melodies and innovative R&B.

We were able to catch him live and in action at The Virgil in Los Angeles. R&B singers Risa Pearl and Dana Vaughns opened up before Samoht and his live band took center stage.

When speaking with Samoht before the show, his Virgo sun sign shined bright. When asking what he was up to before we sat down to chat, he mentioned he was getting his band’s looks together.

“So, you are the person behind the direction or does everyone have a say?” Samuel asks the singer.

“No, no one else has a say,” Samoht quickly responds. “This my sh*t.”

Okay Beyoncé! It remained true as the band took the stage in all Black with accents of red roses adorning the mic before Samoht’s arrival. The band even sang a bit of Beyoncé to get the crowd engaged, so it was indeed a Virgo’s groove taking place.

Samoht appeared on stage in a totally different outfit than the all black outfit he interviewed in with the matching black cowboy hat. He instead, sported an all white fitted suit with a matching white cowboy hat and a large belt buckle that brought his Southern charm front and center.

As we talked about how he felt birthing a new baby in the form of his third album, Samoht kept it real.

“Keeping it 100 because I’m doing a release concert the same day [as the album release],” Samoht shared about the album. It’s like I had a baby, but I haven’t held it yet.”

We witnessed Samoht’s soulful, Southern sound that wraps you right in alongside his glorious band made up of a bass, keys and two outstanding background vocalists. Well, three if you count an impromptu solo from the bassist that shocked the crowd.

Samoht has gained inspiration from Kanye West’s 808’s and Heartbreaks, Kid Cudi, Toro Y Moi, The Clark Sisters, J. Moss, Mary Mary and Tye Tribbett.

He also notes, “any Beyoncé album cause it’s always different than the last.” The singer has molded his sound after these all-star talents adding, “I’ve always been attracted to people reinventing themselves and moving forward.”

If you asked Samoht how he might describe his sound, he would simply answer with “Alternative R&B.”

“Only because I sound like somebody’s Uncle in a Deacon Board when I sing,” Samoht jokes. “And I’m aware of that. All and all I would definitely say I’m alternative, but I’m okay with whatever label somebody wanna put on me. I’m just glad to be here for real.”

As far as what’s next for Samoht, his dreams are vast.

“A dream of mine is to be one of the top selling artists in the world,” Samoht answered when we asked what his ambitions are beyond this album. “I think that’s obtainable.”

Being an artist on the rise, we see Samoht accomplishing all of his dreams.

“It feels surreal that people consider me a new gamer changer in a sense,” Samoht vulnerably shared in the conversation. “Cause am I worthy?”

We will let fans find out for themselves. Stream Samoht’s third album Amor available now. Spoiler alert: It’s divine.

Samoht and his band left his Los Angeles show and made their way back East to New York for the second album release concert. Keep up with all things Samoht on his website here.