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It’s the first of the month and fans wonder if they should spend their rent money on Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour tickets. February went from Black History Month to Beyoncé Renaissance Month in a matter of seconds as the singer announced her next world tour online. Read more about tour dates and check out fan reactions to the exciting announcement inside.

Everyone’s reaction to Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour announcement:

Fans may not have any visuals from the singer and praised performer’s latest project Renaissance: Act I, but she finally offered have tour dates. Her simple announcement post sent fans in a frenzy this morning (Feb. 1).

Beyoncé posted a photo of herself in silver sequins and jewels on a silver disco ball printed horse with a caption that says, “RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR 2023.”

There are several shows beginning May 10th in Stockholm and ending in New Orleans Sep. 27th. The superstar’s presence is clearly missed on stage as fans rally up their coins to reserve tickets for her U.S. tour dates, which has a new purchasing process for pre-sale tickets that differs from previous Beyoncé tours. Many fans are saddened that the singer’s new process isn’t friendly for Amex users.

Meanwhile, most fans are simply trying to set aside their Beyoncé concert coins to ensure they don’t miss another iconic tour. Several social media users share their reactions to the singer’s announcement with memes, gifs and hilarious ultimatums for themselves online. Most users are willing to miss out on February rent to secure their seat at Beyoncé’s long awaited return onstage.


If you’ve never been to a Beyoncé show, her fans aren’t being dramatic. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, which will have you questioning any other concert you’ve witnessed before hers. From the production, her dancers, the vocals and the energy, ain’t no party like a Beyoncé party honey. Check out the tour dates and register or purchase your ticket online here.

Also, the legendary talent’s Renaissance tour is filled with Black cities in Black arenas, making room for a Black a** time! Happy BEYONCÉ History Month everyone.

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