1. Trevor Jackson – Heads Up

Source:Trevor Jackson

Indiana native multi-hyphenate Trevor Jackson releases his new song “Heads Up” available on all streaming platforms now. The song captures an essence that’s reminiscent of early R&B, making for a passionate, soulful single, as Trevor continues to create music that is both honest to him and fun. This drop comes shortly after the release of his single “James Dean”, which came out in January. Listen to “Heads Up” HERE.

Directed by Zev York and Trevor, featuring an appearance from Rap-Sh!t star, KaMillion, the video is a nostalgic take on early 2000’s R&B music videos as seen on MTV and BET. From the styling to the dance performances choreographed by Michael Love, “Heads Up” is a clear homage to Usher’s early days. The set design and color scheme are all tributed to the fervent energy that defined that era of music – The video pairs perfectly with the track, acting as a testament to Trevor’s ability to express himself both as an artist and a performer. The video will premiere today on YouTube at 3pm PT / 6pm ET.

The single comes amidst Trevor’s virality from posting his weekly “T-mixes” – a series of videos where he covers popular songs, such as Tyla’s “Water”, Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For”, and Victoria Monét’s “On My Mama”. In this new era of his career, he aims to go back to the basics and use his authentic performance style to channel classic R&B icons, like Chris Brown and Miguel.

2. David Duane – All Of You


David Duane delivers a heartfelt anthem of love and discovery with his latest single, “All Of You”, from his acclaimed album Unapologetic Blonde (Deluxe Version). Celebrating the exhilarating journey of finding true love after a long quest, this track resonates with anyone who’s ever searched for that special someone. Crafted by Duane’s own lyrical prowess and the distinctive production stylings of Alvin Ryze, All Of You comes to life in three captivating versions – the original, a sped-up edition, and an electric guitar variant, each adding a unique flavor to Duane’s emotional narrative. As Duane marks the one-year anniversary of Unapologetic Blonde (Deluxe Version) on February 24th, All Of You stands out as a testament to his evolving artistry and enduring message of love’s transformative power.

3. Steelo & Vic Mensa – N**** Dreams


Steelo Brim, a.k.a. Steelo, and Chicago rapper Vic Mensa have joined forces on the collaborative new single “N***a Dreams,” out today.

Stream HERE via Stem.

With lyrics detailing each rapper’s firsthand experience of being Black in America, “N***a Dreams” sees Steelo and Vic trade verses atop soft, sunkissed production. The track is accompanied by an official video that effectively communicates the intensity of racial identity. Watch HERE

Their incandescent performance of the song is a unique reflection of the many challenges Black men face on a daily basis. Each thought-provoking verse sets the stage for an authentic dialogue about different struggles. The timely release arrives during Black History Month and finds the powerhouses delivering philosophical musings with a sense of sarcasm. 

Speaking about the new single, Steelo shares, “‘N***a Dreams’ is a tongue-in-cheek perspective of what I would do with life if I didn’t have the everyday struggles/obstacles of being Black in America.” He continues, “Vic [Mensa] gives a more literal perspective of his journey and day-to-day as a Black man in America. The title is also ‘sarcastic’ in the sense of we can wish and dream of more, and yet, we are still just ‘N****s,’ lol. So, ‘N***a Dreams’ is where that comes from, and it felt appropriate for Black History Month.”

Vic Mensa adds, “Beyond being a friend, Steelo has an amazing ear for production, a unique perspective and has been a covert architect of culture for over a decade now. One of the first young art collectors I knew, [Steelo] brings that taste level to his creativity and that’s something I always connect with. The music spoke to me, the story was second nature.” 

“N***a Dreams” is Steelo’s first release of 2024 and the follow up to last year’s “Margiela” single with Nate Runnur. The multidisciplinary artist continues to carve out his own lane in hip-hop, proving that he has an arsenal of flows. 

Check out “N***a Dreams” above and stay tuned for more from Steelo very soon. 

4. Max McNown – Turned Into Missing You

Source:Max McNown

Soon-to-be Nashville-based singer-songwriter Max McNown has announced the upcoming release of his hotly-anticipated debut album, Wandering, set to release on April 12 via Fugitive Recordings–an independent record label in partnership with The Orchard.

Honing in on intricate storytelling, Wandering shares anecdotes of intense heartache–examining everything from breakups to new love to the pain of watching family members overcome life’s biggest challenges. With production by AJ Pruis, Wandering showcases an ornate musical palette rich in live instrumentation of fiddle, mandolin, dreamy pedal-steel tones, and spellbinding guitar work. Yet McNown took care to foreground his lyrics on every track, viewing his songs as poems set to music. Pre-order Wandering HERE.      

Today’s announcement is coupled with the release of “Turned Into Missing You,” a breakup anthem with an accompanying music video. “Those who are fans of country and Americana have heard plenty of people say that no one is making good music anymore,” stated American Songwriter, who exclusively interviewed McNown. “Max McNown is proof that those people are wrong. His smart songwriting that stems from a young artist’s perspective is both deeply personal and widely relatable.” Read the feature HERE.

“I wanted to write about that feeling of driving around after a breakup and reliving memories of the person you loved,” says McNown. “Blasting music and belting songs with the windows down is a big part of my healing process, but it can definitely hurt sometimes.”

Listen HERE
Watch the video HERE

At 22, McNown has already been on a storied musical journey. Taking control of his future, overcoming personal challenges and drawing inspiration from his brother who was bravely fighting cancer, McNown packed his bags and drove from remote Oregon to Southern California. From there, videos of him busking on a pier made an impact online and eventually grew into a legion of supporters on TikTok.

After attracting interest from major TV talent shows, McNown auditioned for one and then decided it wasn’t for him, and gracefully turned them down as he knew he needed to walk his own path. His loyal fanbase then helped McNown amass 22M streams and a spot on Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart with his breakout single, “A Lot More Free,” which was recently #1 on the TikTok Breakthrough USA chart. Watch the official music video for “A Lot More Free” HERE.

When wrestling with inevitable moments of self-doubt in the creative process and his fast moving career, McNown looks back to insight shared by his mother. “When I was younger I sang around the house all the time—I’d sing in the shower or before I went to bed, I’d always sing in the car,” he says. “My mom used to tell us growing up that singing means you have a happy heart. Even if the song’s about something difficult or painful, I still have a happy heart when I sing.”

5. Ken Pomeroy – Cicadas

Source:Ken Pomeroy – Topic

Oklahoma-based singer-songwriter Ken Pomeroy releases her single “Cicadas,” a darkly ethereal folk song that showcases her mournful vocals and poetic songwriting. The single was originally featured on the award winning show Reservation Dogs, and is now available everywhere for the first time. Pomeroy recently announced she will be opening for John Moreland on tour this spring across the country, full dates below.

Listen to “Cicadas” here: https://ffm.to/cicadascrying

Ken Pomeroy is a thrilling and fresh new voice in the folk and songwriting scene, whose honest lyrics and raw storytelling have already captured fans from Reservation Dogs showrunner Sterlin Harjo to musician John Moreland. Born and raised outside of Oklahoma City, Pomeroy’s stories touch on her Native American heritage and somewhat painful, personal past.  Her musicianship was honed at a young age, cutting her teeth on the road at age 14, moonlighting as a session musician, and playing shows at her Dad’s hot-rod garage turned listening room in OKC.

Now based in Tulsa, Pomeroy is swiftly rising as an artist to keep an eye on, from a prolific regional music scene. Pomeroy will also be performing at SXSW this year, as part of a lineup of Oklahoma-based musicians. 

New single “Cicadas” is a stunning introduction to Pomeroy. It shimmers with undulating guitar-picking – a skill honed from Pomeroy’s years as a session musician – and her vocals float seamlessly between intimate whispers and bell-ringing clarity. Her lyrics are vernacular, yet innately poetic:  “I put salt in my wounds just to prove I can do it / Pretend it’s not burning / You say I’m concerning you/ The way I’m never learning.”

Pomeroy says, “I wrote Cicadas just as I was about to turn 20. During that time, I had a lot of really huge changes going on in my life as well as realizing I wasn’t sure about the person I was. I learned a lot about myself while writing this song and it translates; I wrote with a very blunt tone towards myself. A few months after we finished the song in the studio, Sterlin Harjo reached out to me asking if I had any music I was working on that I could send to him. He ended up using two unreleased songs including Cicadas in season 3 of Reservation Dogs; which garnered a whole new fan base of people who are to this day flooding my messages and emails asking about the song.”

“Cicadas” follows previous single, “Pareidolia,” which was also featured on “Reservation Dogs.” Watch the hauntingly playful music video here. Her debut album Christmas Lights In April was released in 2021.

6. Nicolette & The Nobodies – Show Up

Source:Nicolette and The Nobodies

Ontario-based country outfit Nicolette & The Nobodies, led by Vietnamese-Canadian frontwoman Nicolette Hoang, announced their debut record, The Long Way, set for release on April 12 on Arthaus. Alongside the announcement, Nicolette & The Nobodies released “Show Up,” a powerful lovelorn torch song and the follow-up single to their fierce debut, “Rodeo.”

“Show Up” premiered today on Holler.com, who praised: Playfully reimagining the classic sound of honky tonk and traditional country, it’s filled with all the melodrama and grace of the archetypal country stoic and dripping in that deliciously gooey type of heartbreak that epitomised Billy Sherrill’s Nashville Sound in the late ’60s and ’70s.”

Listen to “Show Up” HERE
Watch “Show Up” music video HERE

“Show Up” is a poignant country western ballad about the absence of a lover and subsequent loneliness, buoyed by Nicolette’s emotive and lilting voice. The music video is inspired by The Johnny Cash Show and 70s country in general, a significant source of inspiration for Nicolette, and shows her performing for a sold-out audience, with one seat empty. Night after night, she sings her heart out for someone who doesn’t show up.

Says Nicolette, “‘Show Up’ is a reckoning about coming to terms with loving someone that will never love you back. These moments are so painful and so drawn out that you’re just hanging on for any little thing to release you from it. The song is that last look over your shoulder when you are still convincing yourself they’re going to be standing there before you have to walk through that door.”

Alongside the announcement, Nicolette & The Nobodies also announced upcoming tour dates supporting Sarah Shook & The Disarmers in Toronto, Montreal, New York City, & more.

The Long Way, is a debut record ten years in the making, capturing the very essence of timeless country music, rebellious in cadence and instinctive in melody. It is an album for fans of classic country who love the sound but might yearn for a perspective outside of  the predominantly male, caucasian narrative of the genre.

On The Long Way, Hoang is unfettered. Writing this albumHoang took a period to thoughtfully relish the opportunities before her. The result is a collection of personal and adventurous songs. She keeps her lyrics no-nonsense—earthy comments on the human condition, floridity be damned. She reserves her flamboyance and flair for onstage attire—cowboy hats, fringed vests with matching hot pants, boots by all accounts made for walking.

The child of Vietnamese immigrants who came to Guelph, Ontario after the Vietnam War and established an optician shop,  Nicolette Hoang came to country music later in life, after years of honing her musical skill at conservatory and ultimately losing her passion for music. “I remember hearing Tammy Wynette for the first time and feeling like, This!

Immediately enthralled by the likes of Glen Campbell, Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, and George Jones, she devoured the classic country catalog with ferocity. She took her newfound love of country classics to Karaoke Night one fateful night in Guelph, where she met Ian Bain (guitar), Danny Fury (drums) and Emma Howarth-Withers (bass), who were immediately drawn to Hoang. They soon became The Nobodies– “They named themselves I swear” says Hoang – and encouraged Hoang to be their frontwoman. “These are people who made me feel safe enough to create, who told the mean Nicolette in my mind to F herself. Our band exists because of The Nobodies.”

The support of her band enlivened Nicolette with a desire to write her own songs and to be direct and personal with music in a way she hadn’t been before.  “I had never envisioned myself in country,” says Nicolette. “Why would I? I had never seen anyone who looks like me in that world. But now that I’ve found my voice, I want to see what it has to say.”

Now, with the upcoming debut record, Nicolette & The Nobodies are determined to make an unforgettable splash and stake their claim as a defiant new voice in country music.

7. Adekunle Gold – The LIfe I Chose

Source:Adekunle Gold

Building buzz worldwide, Nigerian phenomenon Adekunle Gold serves up a new single entitled “The Life I Chose” out now via Def Jam Recordings. Listen HERE.
Once again, he reteams with frequent collaborator and GRAMMY® Award-winning chart-shaking producer Kel-P [Angélique Kidjo, Wizkid, Davido] on the track. Off-kilter synths underscore an inventive soundscape, blurring lines between genre boundaries and borders with a blend of Afrobeats, and Pop. Lyrically, he takes a victory lap, culminating on a confident chorus, “This is the life I chose.” Be on the lookout for a premiere of a cinematic music video to accompany the single.
Adekunle Gold continues to expand the scope of his signature sound. He recently dropped the heartfelt “Look What You Made Me Do (Acoustic)” with his wife Simi.
The original “Party No Dey Stop” [with Zinoleesky] catapulted into the Top 10 of the Billboard Top Afrobeats Songs Chart and peaked at #3 on the Official UK Afrobeats Chart. Plus, it has generated over 41 million Spotify streams and 17 million YouTube views on the music video. Of course, it also graced his 2023 debut for Def Jam Recordings, Tequila Ever After.
Beyond piling up over 265 million worldwide streams, the album incited critical applause. In addition to plugs from The FADER, and more, Variety proclaimed, “Nigerian superstar Adekunle Gold is experiencing a renaissance of sorts,” and Rolling Stone described his sound as “smooth Afropop.” proclaimed, “Tequila Ever After is a love letter to the sounds of Africa that have recently taken the world by storm. It is also a showcase for Gold’s growth and experience.
Adekunle just concluded a high-profile North American tour produced by Live Nation and Duke Concept, packing venues in major cities across the United States and Canada. He brought Tequila Ever After to life nightly in front of sold out audiences.
Tequila Ever After  includes the singles “Party No Dey Stop,” “Ogaranya,” and the tracks from his EP Tio Tequila that came out earlier this year. The 17-track album features production from frequent collaborator Kel-P and Labrinth as well as features from Nigerian singer Zinoleesky, Texas superstar Khalid, legends Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers in addition to Gold’s wife Simi.
It sets the stage for more to come from Adekunle Gold in 2024. Expect more music, shows, and surprises.
Stay tuned!

8. Bryant Barnes – Don’t Want A Love Song


Gearing up for a prolific season, rising singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and prodigy Bryant Barnes returns with an emotionally charged new single entitled “Don’t Want A Love Song” out now. Listen to “Don’t Want A Love Song” HERE

The track’s loose acoustic guitar sets the tone. Atop an organic beat, soft chords underline Bryant’s dynamic vocals. Lyrically, he wrestles with the complexities of love in a one-sided romance, going on to wonder, “Am I not enough to be what you want?” Meanwhile, the chorus proves instantly quotable as he confesses, “I don’t really want a love song, cause you have my heart.” 

He notably capped off 2023 with “Adore You – Acoustic.” The latter highlighted the raw power of his vocals. The original “Adore You” has seen huge early success across all streaming platforms and continues to gain traction in addition to inciting tastemaker applause. Beyond plugs from Neon Music and more, Music & Fashion Blog promised, Within the first 30 seconds you’ll be transported into a sexy mood with soft beats and vocals you’ll just want to swim in. Plus, Banger of the Day raved, “From his vocal tone to his songwriting, he is leagues above his industry counterparts. Bryant Barnes has the ‘IT’ factor.”

“Don’t Want A Love Song” only sets the stage for a whole lot more to come from Bryant Barnes in 2024.

9. Matt B – Shining

Source:Matt B

GRAMMY-nominated global artist Matt B has released a new music video for single “SHINING,” out now via Vitae Records. The track is an ode to Black excellence and that message is amplified in the visual — directed by PhillyFlyBoy and Matt’s wife, manager, and producer Angela Benson — as it features African-inspired fashion and dancers, highlighting the personality and presence of all those involved while also honoring their ancestors. 

“When I created ‘SHINING, I wanted to write something that would speak to the strength of our people and really empower us at our core,” explains Matt. “When I was scrolling through Instagram a few years ago, I stumbled across an interview with Little Richard. In that interview, he said, ‘They don’t like to dress like I do, I like to put it on. I love to put it on, I like to shine.’ When I heard him say that, it’s like a little lightbulb went off. What he said not only resonated with me as a person and artist, but we as Black people truly have our own unique style and aura. We inspire and push the culture forward in many ways, and I thought it would be really dope to create a record around that. I wanted it to feel almost like an anthem or a mantra. That way, when people listen to the record, they would smile and feel that same positive energy that I felt in the room while recording it. 

The release is the latest from Matt’s critically acclaimed Afrobeats album ALKEBULAN (pronounced al-kee-boulan). A powerful display of Matt’s artistry as he aims to build a bridge of unity between his Motherland and America, ALKEBULAN debuted on six Billboard charts including Top New Artist Albums, Top Albums, Top Current Album Sales, and on Digital Albums. Meaning “Mother of Mankind,” the album offers a culturally rich listening experience infused with African elements such as conga shakers, djembe and bougarabou drums, and call-and-response singing, elevating the soundscape he has so brilliantly captured with his various Afro-inspired releases. Recognized for his artistry and cultural contributions, Matt was recently named Artist of the Year by The Los Angeles Tribune in addition to earning a Hollywood Music In Media award for Best Music Video (Independent) with his track “GUNJALE” featuring Ugaboys. 

Earlier this month, Matt and Angela walked the red carpet at the 66th annual GRAMMY Awards dressed in custom designs by Barocco and Jessie J Collections, draped in a royal blue and anointed with embellished headpieces. Matt was named one of 8 Best Dressed Men by Sharp Magazine and the couple garnered praise for their royal attire from the likes of Vogue, The Cut, Associated Press, New York Times, The Boston Globe and more. Matt initially began bringing ALKEBULAN to life at the GRAMMY Awards last year — for which his hit “GIMME LOVE” featuring Eddy Kenzo was nominated for Best Global Music Performance — where he and Angela channeled the energy and presence of their ancestors who once reigned as kings and queens of Africa aiming to share its importance and beauty with the new generation. While the project first started as a way for Matt to search for his identity and come to terms with his purpose as both a person and artist, ALKEBULAN ultimately reignited the spark needed to fuel his creativity unlike ever before as he rediscovered his purpose and love for music.

Known for his romantically-driven R&B music, Matt B has cemented himself as a bona fide talent and a force to be reckoned with. The Chicago native and Los Angeles-based songsmith has built a worldwide fanbase with his chart-topping singles and albums including his 2014 international debut, Love & War, and sophomore album, DIVE. Both releases went #1 on the iTunes R&B Charts and were later followed by his 2018 EP, RISE, produced by GRAMMY-Award Winner Bryan-Michael Cox (Mariah Carey, Usher, Mary J. Blige). In 2021, he released his debut US album, EDEN, which featured production from Cox as well as Tricky Stewart (Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Rihanna) and landed in the Top 40 on Billboard’s R&B Albums, Digital Albums, Heatseekers, and R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Charts. Since then, Matt B has released a string of eclectic singles including “Gimme Love” and garnered media support from the likes of GRAMMY.com, SPIN, 1883 Magazine, Rolling Out, Singersroom, and more.

10. Schoolboy Q – Cooties

Source:ScHoolboy Q

TDE’s Grammy nominated rapper ScHoolboy Q today drops two new videos exclusively on www.groovyQ.com titled “Cooties” and “Love Birds featuring Devin Malik & Lance Skiiiwalker.” Directed by James Edward and ScHoolboy Q, tHe vignettes are a furtHer exploration of tHe cinematic world surrounding Q’s upcoming sixtH studio album, BLUE LIPS, out MarcH 1st on TDE/Interscope Records.

“Cooties” and “Love Birds” follow tHe release of “Yeern 101” wHicH dropped last week and served as tHe official first single off tHe upcoming album (watcH official video Here). Alongside tHe vignettes and songs, Q Has also been uploading visual diaries to reinforce tHe album’s title and meaning — as defined by Q for tHis project (see above). THe different offerings appeared on www.groovyQ.com — a website tHat announced tHe project release earlier tHis montH and previewed mercH items, tracklist and album trailer. Stay attuned to all tHings ScHoolboy Q and BLUE LIPS at www.groovyQ.com

11. Schoolboy Q ft. Devin Malik & Lance Skiiiwalker – Love Birds

Source:ScHoolboy Q

12. Lil Tony Official – Les Duski

Source:Lil Tony Official

Kickstarting another bold era, rising Atlanta rapper Lil Tony Official unleashes the frenetic music video for his  single “Les Duski” out now via Priority Records. Watch HERE. It remains a standout from his fan favorite 2023 mixtape 2 Sides 2 Every Story out now. Listen HERE.

Helmed by director and frequent collaborator Public Goat, the visual channels the spirit of classic horror flicks. A sign warns, “No trespassing, we’re tired of hiding the bodies,” as the camera zooms in on splattered blood, rusty chains, a freaky little skeleton, and a severed head—among other gothic accoutrements and totems. Meanwhile, he spits pure fire in the center of a room lined with plastic wrap for a Dexter-style climax. Lil Tony murders the intense and skittering beat as he reminds, “I’m way too good, and I can’t lose.” He backs those words up…

Simultaneously, 2 Sides 2 Every Story has already amassed over 5 million total streams and counting highlighted by the likes of “Canoozled,” “Swag,” “Times Table,” and more.

2 Sides 2 Every Story follows a ceaseless year of music from Lil Tony Official. “Canoozled” has gained over 900K plays on its music video, with Pitchfork naming it the “the must-hear rap song of the day.” Earlier in November, he dropped the thrilling single “Looseleaf,” which has the minimal moodiness of a horror flick. He’s put out three tapes this year showcasing his range and hustle, including the relentless TKEY back in May and the more contemplative, melodic project For Mia.

Lil Tony shows no signs of stopping or slowing down though. Get ready for more!

13. Jae Skeese & Superior – Skyscraper

Source:Jae Skeese

The first signee to Conway The Machine’s Drumwork Music Group imprint, Jae Skeese helped usher in Drumwork’s 2023 Spring Takeover with his collaborative project with Conway, Pain Provided Profit, the labels first compilation album,  Conway The Machine Presents: Drumwork The Album and Skeese’s own Drumwork debut album Abolished Uncertainties. 

Today, Jae Skeese announced a new collaborative project, Testament Of The Times, with Superior, and also released the project’s first single “Skyscraper.”  You can watch the new video for “Skyscraper” below and the single is now available at all DSP’s. 

Jae Skeese x Superior’s Testament Of The Times will be released on 3-8-24.

14. Taj Mahal ft. Trey Hensley – Lovin’ In My Baby’s Eyes


Legendary roots star Taj Mahal announced the release of his single, “Lovin’ In My Baby’s Eyes,” which will feature on Swingin’ Live at the Church in Tulsa, a dynamic live album, released on March 8, 2024, via Lightning Rod Records. Pre-order the album HERE. 

The track, which was originally released on the critically acclaimed album Phantom Blues, features vocals from Taj and GRAMMY nominated guitarist and vocalist Trey Hensley who breathe new life into this classic country soul Taj fan favorite. The song also became a runaway streaming hit, with millions of streams across platforms for Taj. Listen to “Loving In My Baby’s Eyes” HERE

On the song, Taj stated, “I am personally just thrilled to be presenting and releasing “Lovin’ In My Baby’s Eyes” at this moment in time. My vocal verses are augmented by that stand out East Tennessee singer and fantastic guitar picker Trey Hensley, the one and only Rob Ickes on Dobro, plus that rock solid rhythm section in The Taj Mahal Sextet, all set the mood n’ movement for a romantic “Country..Slow-Dance.””

His latest project is an extraordinary set recorded live at the Tulsa studio, best known as the home base of Shelter Records and the late, great Leon Russell, a huge influence and personal friend of Taj. The ten songs reach across multiple genres that he has explored in his incomparable career and feature “The Taj Mahal Sextet,” which includes Taj’s long-time quartet—bassist Bill Rich, drummer Kester Smith, and guitarist/Hawaiian lap steel player Bobby Ingano—augmented by dobro player Rob Ickes and guitarist and vocalist Trey Hensley. Taj also announced a U.S., Canada, and Australia tour with dates including Los Angeles’ Luckman Fine Arts Complex. Tickets are on sale now – details are below. 

At 81 years old, Taj can easily claim musical legend status. He has four Grammy Awards to his name (out of fifteen nominations), alongside a lifetime of other achievements and a career spanning seven decades, releasing nearly 50 albums, Taj is both an architect and custodian of the roots music sound. Proficient in 20 different instruments and a serial collaborator, Taj has worked with musicians including the Rolling Stones, Etta James, Angelique Kidjo, Ziggy Marley, and more. There are few musicians that Taj’s music has not touched. 

“Some of us were gifted by our ancestors to be in a long line of musicians,” says Taj Mahal. “It’s in your DNA. Others are lucky to find it and put in the dedication that it takes to be able to get there. So that’s my life as an 81-year-old—still playing music, still enjoying it, still getting to do the things I want to do.”

Constructed in 1915 as Grace M.E. Church, the Church Studio was purchased by Russell in 1972, who converted it into a recording studio / office for his famed Shelter Records label, which became a creative home to artists including, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Eric Clapton, The Gap Band, JJ Cale, Jimmy Buffett, Willie Nelson, and Stevie Wonder, among others. Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, current owners Ivan Acosta and Teresa Knox completed their renovation of the space in 2022 bringing it back to life as an analog recording studio, including a NEVE 8068 console and a museum-quality vintage microphone collection. The historic studio is dedicated to showcasing the legacy of the “Tulsa Sound” and creating opportunities for the next generation of musicians.

Taj first became aware of Oklahoma’s central role in American music through a family friend named James Brewer. “He was one of the coolest guys that we ever met,” says Taj. “Dressed sharp all the time, played alto a little bit with those territory bands out there like Ernie Fields and Bennie Moten.” Later, he solidified a connection to the region’s musicians through guitarist and close collaborator Jesse Ed Davis, who introduced him to such Tulsa-based players as JJ Cale, Bobby Keys, and, eventually, the force of nature known as Leon Russell.

Tulsa holds rich and tragic historical significance to Black history and culture. It was a hotbed for jazz and blues, with Tulsa being a stop on the famed Chitlin’ Circuit and home to the Greenwood neighborhood known as Black Wall Street due to its thriving Black community, Black businesses, and home to roughly 10,000 residents.  It was all destroyed in the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921, where a white mob killed hundreds of residents, burned more than 1,250 homes, and erased years of Black success in the area.

“A lot of the people that caused that Massacre to happen were highly unevolved human beings,” stated Taj, “Unfortunately, this country didn’t start with the best of people; some of them didn’t have brains above their ankles, and they did not know how to handle the success of people they viewed as relegated to the bottom of society. Fortunately, there has been a tremendous amount of music and art to come out of the state of Oklahoma, and there’s a great, diverse population that’s there. The people have tried to make their way, and there’s been some progress that has been slow. Clearly and obviously, people have been working to evolve themselves past those kinds of ugly examples of what human beings can do, to and with, and against one another. Let’s hope that the lesson from that doesn’t fall on deaf ears and that we continue to evolve.”

The album was recorded in front of a live audience, features Taj’s Sextet, and continues his legacy of confounding genres where he has pioneered an eclectic roots music sound that draws on Blues, Soul, reggae, Latin, R&B, Cajun, Caribbean, gospel, West African, jazz, calypso, Hawaiian slack-key, and countless other musical styles that he weaves throughout an astonishing body of work. The set ranges from some of the songs he is best known for—“Corinna,” “Queen Bee”—to the instrumental “Twilight in Hawaii” (representing his long association with the Aloha State’s musical traditions, especially through his Hula Blues Band) to a glorious closing jam on T-Bone Walker’s “Mean Old World” that stretches beyond the ten-minute mark. 

Taj studied Animal Husbandry at the University of Massachusetts before heading to Los Angeles in 1964 to pursue music. He began his solo career with such pioneering projects as The Natch’l Blues and the expansive double album Giant Step/De Old Folks at Home, demonstrating his ambitious sense of possibility for American roots music. In the twenty-first century, Taj has collaborated with many of the remarkable musicians who were directly influenced by his work and his example, including Keb’ Mo, Los Lobos, and Ben Harper. His reunion with Ry Cooder on 2022’s Get On Board won his latest Grammy, for Best Traditional Blues Album, and his most recent studio release, Savoy, is a collection of classic jazz songs.

With Swingin’ Live at the Church in Tulsa, all the variables came together—a well-seasoned band being pushed by talented guests sitting in; a musically sophisticated audience; a venue that not only offered a sense of history but also top-of-the-line acoustics as both a performance and recording space.

People don’t pay me for the music,” says Taj Mahal. “They pay me for what it takes me to get there. I would gladly play music for free if I could be heard, but I found I can make a living at it. And then I can come to a place like the Church Studio, and it’s all the great things at one time.”

15. Chuck Strangers – Feelings


Chuck Strangers shares the third and final early offering, “Feelings,” from his forthcoming album A Forsaken Lover’s Plea. The single is accompanied by a Noah Porter-directed video, which finds Chuck on a somber and contemplative night in LA. “Feelings” details some of the heavier subject matter on the spectrum of experiences captured in Chuck’s new album as he raps through reflections on tough times in his past. The single follows previously released songs “A Forsaken Lover’s Plea” and “Ski’d Up,” which was produced by The Alchemist and is another instance of the Brooklyn-born emcee at his most candid, weaving together stories from his already-formidable career in hip-hop.

On A Forsaken Lover’s Plea, Chuck is the singular architect of his sound from both sides of the boards, outside of production assistance from friends like The Alchemist, Animoss, and familiar guest features from the likes of Joey Bada$$, Erick The Architect (of Flatbush Zombies), and Remy Banks. The album’s title serves as a metaphor for Chuck’s own relationship to being a hip-hop artist and making music, equating his passion for music to a tragic love affair. A Forsaken Lover’s Plea expands on the career-spanning self-reflection that Chuck framed his project from last year, The Boys & Girls EP, where he chronicled his own experience falling in love with making music again. His new album captures a wider spectrum of his experience as an artist, detailing both the joys and the pitfalls of life as a musician.

Chuck’s progression into the spotlight as a fully-fledged artist, rather than just an architect behind the boards, has been a calculated and organic journey that began with 2018’s Consumers Park. Having taken lessons learned from his years at the center of the Pro Era braintrust and developing them into subsequent projects like his 2020 EP, Too Afraid To Dance, and his project from last year, The Boys & Girls EP, Chuck has shaped himself into a standalone voice in hip-hop. A Forsaken Lover’s Plea punctuates that step forward with a personal statement that demonstrates the full breadth of his talent as a rapper, beatmaker, and executive producer, piecing together an album from start to finish that’s a reflection of his personal renaissance as an artist falling back into love with rap music.

Check out “Feelings” above, see below for more album info, and stay tuned for more from Chuck Strangers coming soon.

16. Jaz Karis & Tone Stith – Met You At A Bar

Source:Jaz Karis

South London songstress Jaz Karis has released her new single “MET YOU AT A BAR” featuring Tone Stith via MNRK Music Group.

Emerging from the saccharine Valentine’s Day haze, “MET YOU AT A BAR” is a relatable track about a relationship with an inopportune start. Jaz’s velveteen voice floats effortlessly across the swoon-worthy beat. The accompanying retro-inspired music video, directed by Daisy Maskell & Anastasia Liasi, chronicles a relationship with its rocky roots in a smoky billiards bar. Watch the video HERE.

Of the track, Jaz shared, “‘MET YOU AT A BAR’ for me is really a depiction of a lot of dating experiences in my generation. It’s full of romance and sweet nothings but ultimately doesn’t lead to anything serious because of the lack of trust between two people. Sonically we wanted it to feel warm and inviting but the conversation between me and Tone remains bittersweet.”

Jaz’s previous single, “Little Blue Moon” was featured as the BBC Introducing Track of the Week in December on rotation across 10 different shows. It has over 1.2 million streams across DSPs. Listen to “Little Blue Moon” HERE. In December, Jaz received the MOBO nomination for Best R&B/Soul Act.

Stay tuned for more news from Jaz in 2024!

17. Rhiannon Giddens – The Ballad of Sally Anne (From “My Black Country: The Songs of Alice Randall”)

Source:Oh Boy Records

Oh Boy Records (the label founded by John Prine) unveiled the second track from My Black Country: The Songs of Alice Randall, with the release of Rhiannon Giddens’ powerful rendition of “The Ballad of Sally Anne.” Randall originally wrote the song in 1991, ingeniously using a traditional murder ballad construct to explore the otherwise taboo subject of lynching. As Randall told Rolling Stone yesterday, she wanted to address the reality that “The ugliest fact of Southern life went missing from the country canon,” adding “when Rhiannon sings she is embodying Sally Anne herself. It takes this song up another level — to sound as lived resistance.” Take a listen to the track here: https://orcd.co/theballadofsallyanne

Though Randall has been the only Black female songwriter operating on Nashville’s Music Row for decades, her My Black Country project “arrives at a crucial moment,” according to Rolling Stone, “as Beyoncé’s foray into country and roots music has sparked conversations about the racial policing of genres in country music.” Beyoncé’s  “Texas Hold ‘Em” – on which Giddens plays banjo – debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart this week. Other artists featured on My Black Country include Alison Russell, Sistastrings (both of whom just performed with Joni Mitchell recently at the Grammys), Valerie June, Adia Victoria and others. The full LP is out on April 12 on Oh Boy Records, and Alice’s memoir of the same name will be published that week by Simon & Schuster.

More info on My Black Country here. Please let me know if you’d like to hear more!

18. Sheck Wes, JID & Ski Mask The Slump God – Fly Away

Source:Lyrical Lemonade

Today, award-winning music video director and culture-defining creator Cole Bennett shares a new video for “Fly Away” with Sheck Wes, JID and Ski Mask The Slump God from the debut album, All Is Yellow via Lyrical Lemonade/Def Jam Recordings, out now. 
All Is Yellow embodies the spirit of the Lyrical Lemonade brand, excavating disruption from every corner of the culture. Eminem lets loose with a breathless flurry on the powerhouse “Doomsday Pt. 2,” while Latto, Swae Lee, and Aminé ignite “Special.” Elsewhere, the unforgettable “First Night” assembles a once-in-a-lifetime cohort of genre-busting talent, placing Juicy J, Denzel Curry, and Lil B shoulder-to-shoulder with Teezo Touchdown and Cochise.

19. Nemzzz – PTSD


The new titan of UK Rap, Nemzzz, drops “PTSD,” the next taste of his forthcoming debut mixtape DO NOT DISTURB arriving on March 15, 2024. The raw new single splices a haunting vocal flip with a laid-back production from frequent collaborator Zel (ArrDee, Sheff G) as Nemzzz turns teacher once more – speaking on how he uses his music as catharsis to process his feelings. The single arrives today with a visual shot by DonProd (Odumodublvck, Digga).

Laid over 11 tracks, DO NOT DISTURB is set to be Nemzzz’s most expansive drop to date, exploring how the young artist is shaped by his upbringing and fame. “PTSD” will be joined on the tape by the recent drop “L’S.” The shimmering, jazz-inflected single arrived last month to acclaim from The Observer, The Fader, CRACK, NME spins across BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, and more. Last year’s massive single “MONEY & VIBES” will also appear on the tape, the track topped the A list at 1Xtra and racked up over 1M+ streams in a week. DO NOT DISTURB will be available in physical format on CD & cassette in a first for the British star – pre-order here

The DO NOT DISTURB tape follows a massive 2023 for the young star with a consistent slate of releases including his debut EP Nemzzz Type Beat (which was pulled together in just 17 days in a flex of his innate talents) alongside a string of singles including “Therapy” (Spotify Rap UK Cover) and “8AM IN MANNY” which landed to props from some of the biggest rappers in the world – Drake and Lil Yachty. Last year saw Nemzzz deliver his first sold-out headline tour alongside performances at festivals including Glastonbury, Ibiza Rocks, and more. 

Nemzzz will be heading out on his second headline tour this Spring with dates across the UK and Ireland. He will be kicking off in Dublin on April 30th, and culminating in a homecoming show on May 7th in Manchester. With two dates already sold out – the tour is set to be another huge smash for the young star. TICKETS/MORE INFO.

20. Kalan.FrFr – High Vibrations

Source:Kalan. FrFr

Touching the soul and lifting spirits, Kalan’s latest single “High Vibrations” is a modern-day romance record that basks in poetically confessional lyrics about showing love to and receiving love from that special one. There is a vocal sample from Nikki Giovanni and James Baldwin from a 1971 recorded conversation that acknowledges the contrasting dynamics in relationships. About the inspiration behind the song Kalan says, “I saw the Nikki/James Baldwin clip on Instagram and it spoke to me. Relationships suck.  If you love me you love me let’s leave all the outside noise out and just figure it out together.“ The visuals directed by Real Big Vision shows the melodic hip hop artist picking up the pieces of a broken relationship, offering a more promising future to a woman and encouraging healthy love.

“High Vibrations” is featured on Kalan.FrFr’s latest 6-song EP, Not Hard 2 Understand, where the charismatic and laidback storyteller combines a clever mix of punchlines, flexes and old-school macking tales that keeps West Coast music alive. The latest single comes on the heels of the Mustard produced “Ain’t Nothin,” where we found the lyrical tastemaker similarly making it clear that life is good and luxurious extravagances are not a problem.
Not Hard 2 Understand is a special body of work that relishes in how simple the message should be. Kalan.FrFr doesn’t apologize for the ways street culture shaped his worldview but he celebrates it in sincere detail and delivers it with confidence and pride, showcasing his growth as an artist and young man. The EP also features the smash single “Butterfly Coupe Pt 2” with Migos frontman Quavo which was released earlier this year. The Hitmaka and OG Parker produced track is a hedonistic, roof-missing glide through the streets of L.A., replete with lavish visions of big rims, designer clothing, penthouses suites, gorgeous women, and thousand-dollar steakhouse dinners
Kalan.FrFr creates music with a therapeutic quality that snaps people out of the matrix and reminds them that there is still so much living to do. He’s paving the way for something that we haven’t seen before. This is real music with real feelings. After all, it’s in his very name.

21. Hunxho ft. Summer Walker – Your Friends


On the fast track to the forefront of the culture, breakthrough Atlanta rapper Hunxho unveils “Your Friends” featuring Summer Walker today. This notably marks his first collaboration with the multi-platinum chart-topping superstar R&B songstress.

Listen to “Your Friends” [feat. Summer Walker] HERE.  

The track’s cinematic production instantly evokes a nocturnal mood anchored by anxious hi-hats and airy synths. Hunxho alternates between a woozy in-the-pocket cadence, “What you doing? Where you been? Where you going? You with your friends?” While, Summer Walker counters with an equally seductive cameo, flexing her climactic high register in the process. She eases any doubts with the flirty admission, “I got love in my eyes. I want you.” 

Check out Hunxho and Summer Walker’s cinematic “From The Block” performance of “Your Friends” HERE.

Hunxho recently ignited his first sold-out hometown show at The Eastern in Atlanta, enshrining his star status. A cohort of A-list guests joined him on stage, including Lil Baby, Tee Grizzley, WanMor, Baby Drill, and YTB Fatt. Garnering critical acclaim, UPROXX raved, “Hunxho’s first sold out show in Atlanta went crazy,” and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution professed, “Hunxho is only in competition with himself.” 

In December, he served up For Her (Deluxe) where you find Hunxho at his purest. The original For Her saw him debut on the Billboard 200 for the first time. The hit single “Your Friends” also continues to gain traction with over 45 million total streams to date and 8 million YouTube views on the music video.

22. YB Wale ft. Money Mu and Seddy Hendrinx – No Loss

Source:YB Wale

YB Wale releases another song and video to follow up his first ever drop titled “No Loss” featuring two certified hitmakers Money Mu and Seddy Hendrinx. The second single off of his Abstract Members Mixtape is his signal to everyone that he’s serious about taking the music route.

“I had to follow up heavy after my first song because there are still some people not taking this serious,” said YB Wale, explaining why he chose No Loss as his second single. The upcoming Atlanta designer has shown he will put his money where his mouth is.

The cinematic video has a bank robbery setting which features YB Wale, Seddy Hendrinx and Money Mu in the Abstract nylon tracksuit in both olive and black and a black distressed beanie. Although majority of his products are sold out YB was able to show the nylon sets in multiple lenses.

Fans can look forward to more visuals and music from YB Wale as he gears up to the release of his first project Abstract Members Mixtape Vol 1 “For the members, by the members” states YB Wale.

23. Aliyah’s Interlude – Fashion Icon

Source:Aliyah’s Interlude

Breakout artist and multi-hyphenate creative Aliyah’s Interlude releases her highly anticipated new single, “Fashion Icon,” out now. Listen HERE.

A genre-bending, runway-ready fashion anthem, “Fashion Icon” is an ode to embracing your personal style regardless of the price tag. Set to a pulsating dance beat, Aliyah’s playful lyricism and flow are on full display, proving the internet’s current It Girl is here to stay.

Of the new release, Aliyah says, “‘Fashion Icon’ is a song about the creatives out there who do the most with the least. The fashion icons who could make a trash bag look FAB!! Can’t wait for you guys to experience and love this song as much as I do!”

Setting the digital world ablaze with her signature fashion aesthetic – a distinctive alt-emo, Y2K, Harajuku-inspired innovative style aptly named #Aliyahcore – she has captured audiences on a global scale, resulting in Aliyah having over 4 million followers across her socials and the #Aliyahcore hashtag on TikTok generating more than 480 million views, in addition to press coverage across The New York Times, TIME, Vogue, Billboard, ELLE, Nylon, PAPER, and more. 

In 2023, she released her debut single “IT GIRL,” which quickly generated over 7 million views on YouTube, 1.2 million TikTok videos and 83 million streams to date. With over 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone off a single track and notable collaborations with sought-after celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Aliyah’s Interlude is undeniably poised for stardom.

Earlier this month, Aliyah took over New York Fashion Week with the launch of her hotly attended Cunt Bitch Headquarters event, as well as attending shows for Marc Jacobs, Christian Cowan, Kim Shui, and more.

Stay tuned for more music and updates on Aliyah’s Interlude soon.

24. Ashnikko – You Make Me Sick! (Dora Jar Remix)


Blue-haired pop provocateurAshnikko teams up with their close friend, alt-pop musician Dora Jar for a remix of their epic single “You Make Me Sick!” – listen HERE!

“You Make Me Sick!” was originally released on Ashnikko’s acclaimed debut album WEEDKILLER, which earned worldwide acclaim from the likes of Associated Press, NPR, Rolling Stone, PAPER, NME, and many more. Now, following her biggest world tour to date, Ashnikko has returned with this special remix featuring Dora Jar. The original saw Ashnikko release their frustrations at exes with guttural vocals over a nu-metal-inspired distortion and menacing beat, while the new remix sees producer apob (EKKSTACY, Deb Never, Rachel Chinouriri) work alongside Dora Jar to turn the production on its head. With acoustic guitar, dreamy vocals and soothing synths the new version sees the pair bring a new dimension to this powerful song.

Speaking about the collaboration, Dora Jar explains: “You Make Me Sick! is one of my favorite and most played songs of the past year. I listened to it in the car so much over the summer. It unlocked my feminine rage in such a liberating way that it drove me to tears multiple times. When Ash asked me to do a remix, I didn’t think it would be possible because of how much I already loved the original. I tried it anyway, with my friend apob, and we unearthed the sadness from the anger and made a collage of emotion.”

Ashnikko adds, “Dora is such a singular artist. She has this insane ability to conjure lyrics and melodies directly from the dream world. She is the number one cool guy so it made sense to have her remix this song. I’m in awe at what she came up with.”

25. LaRussell & Hit-Boy – Rent Due

Source:Good Compenny

A few weeks after dropping their joint LP exclusively on EVEN, West Coast’s finest, LaRussell & Hit-Boy, close out Black History Month with a bang by bringing Rent Due to all streaming platforms. The album, out now, includes seven tracks laced by the aforementioned 3X Grammy Award-winning composer, and it’s filled to the brim with LaRussell’s steely rhymes. 

Rent Due’s mainstream release was preceded by three hard-hitting singles “Another One” (featuring Hit-Boy’s dad, Big Hit), “King Kong,” and “Luxury.” The former was paired with a visual aid that flawlessly captured the rawness of LaRussell, Hit-Boy and Big Hit’s synergy. Plus, it’s a testament to their prowess as independent artists who go for the gusto when it comes to being total workhorses. Watch HERE.

LaRussell first released on EVEN (a direct-to-consumer platform where artists can sell music to their fans) two years ago for his 21st album, I Hate When Life’s Going Great. He successfully drew in 12,000+ users – selling over 4,000 albums and generating a whopping $95K+ in revenue through the platform in just one week. This time around, he not only took his Pay-What-You-Want practice to the next level, LaRussell also paid back his supporters.

The Bay Area mainstay and Hit-Boy partnered with EVEN to contribute $15,000 towards 15 different artists or business owners’ to cover their rent for the month of February. Participants were instructed to post a video of what they do for a living using the hashtag #RentDue and the audio for “Another One.” The winners will be selected on the 1st (March).

Elsewhere, LaRussell is getting ready to hit the road with Grammy Award-winning global icon T-Pain on his Mansion In Wiscansin Party Tour this summer. The series of dates officially kicks off in Houston on May 29 with highlight stops in Milwaukee (for T-Pain’s third annual Wiscansin Fest), a special Juneteenth Celebration at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, Central Park SummerStage in New York, and more before wrapping up on July 3 in Miami at The Fillmore Miami Beach.

26. Wiseboy Jeremy – Pedal Tha Ave

Source:Wiseboy Jeremy

Advancing from a small town in New Jersey, Wiseboy Jeremy expresses life through his lens of the world with Hip-Hop as his chosen medium. The 21-year-old artist relays his introspection over jazz-tinged, contemplative production with a little bit of classic East Coast grit. Known for his unique ability to piece together thoughts that directly represent his peer into the lens of hope, his lyrics reside between a space of wisdom and a yearning to learn more.

Jeremy’s 2022 effort, Still Chldrn, is a meditative collection of stories painted over unquantized, Blues & Hip-Hop laced production. The year that has passed following its release, has brought Jeremy to the eyes of publications such as Pigeons & Planes (where he was named a Best New Artist), Bandcamp, Frank Ocean’s Homer Radio, Daily Chiefers, Sheesh Media & more.

Setting the stage for his forthcoming project, Pumpkin Seeds, (which will be released 1Q of 2024), Wiseboy Jeremy has now released a new video and single for “Pedal Tha Ave.”  “Pedal Tha Ave” is now available at all DSP’s and you can watch the video below. 

“This one is for the inner child” Jeremy reflects.  “This is over one of my favorite samples and I feel it’s a great testament to me and Kriti’s chemistry.”   

27. OT The Real – Prepare For War

Source:OT The Real

Rising Philly emcee OT The Real, recently linked up with AraabMUZIK for his Benny The Butcher executive-produced BSF debut album, Zombie, which featured appearances from Benny The Butcher, Conway The Machine, 38 Spesh, Rome Streetz, Elcamino and Amir Ali, and was produced in its entirety by AraabMUZIK.

Now, OT The Real is back with this new project, Prepare For War, which is now available at all DSP’s.  OT also released a new video for the project’s focus track, “Active,” which features Sauce Walka. 

Prepare For War features appearances and production from Sauce Walka, Harry Fraud, fellow rising Philly artist Ot7Quanny, Gillie Da Kid, AR-AB, Gray Rizzy and others. 

OT The Real’s new album, Prepare For War, is now available!

28. Kodak Black – Shampoo

Source:Kodak Black

Kicking off another bold era, multi-Platinum rapper Kodak Black unleashes new single and music video “Shampoo” out now via Vulture Love / Capitol Records. Listen to “Shampoo” HERE and watch the music video HERE.

Upholding the hallmarks of his signature Broward style, the DzyOnDaBeat produced track pops off as classic Kodak. His unmistakable flow glides over an ethereal synth loop complemented by head-nodding 808s and skittering hi-hats. On “Shampoo” he effortlessly shifts his cadence as he victoriously and confidently assures, “I got the sauce—like a condiment.”

In the accompanying visual directed by MADEINEWYORK, he pulls up to a San Diego Padres game surrounded by friends and family and immediately his presence is felt throughout the stadium. He sips from a bottle of Grey Goose outside, poses in pictures with fans, raps to the camera in the garage, and flexes his dance moves.

It follows on the heels of his visceral visual for “Lemme See.” Beyond reeling over 5 million video views, Rolling Stone touted it among “All the Songs You Need to Know This Week.” “Lemme See” is the standout of his most recent introspective album When I Was Dead.

As one of the culture’s most visceral and vital voices, he continues to average 28 million monthly listeners on Spotify with nearly 25 billion global streams. He shows no signs of letting up.

29. Justin Timberlake – Drown

Source:Justin Timberlake

Multi-award-winning artist Justin Timberlake releases his new track “Drown” via RCA Records – click HERE to listen. Written by Timberlake, Louis Bell (Taylor Swift, Post Malone), Henry Walter, Amy Allen, Kenyon Dixon and produced by Louis Bell, Cirkut (Maroon 5, The Weeknd). 

Renowned musician, actor, and entertainer Justin Timberlake also announced the long awaited European and UK leg of his momentous The Forget Tomorrow World Tour with thirteen new shows in 8 countries. Produced by Live Nation, stops include performances in Poland, Germany, Belgium, the UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and France. Full routing and ticketing details are below. 

The tour now includes a significant 67 global shows spanning from April through December of this year. In North America, 22 performances have already sold out, and over 550,000 tickets have sold for the U.S. shows. 

Last month, Timberlake dropped his single and music video “Selfish”, which garnered over 57 million worldwide streams and over 14 million views on YouTube. Justin Timberlake also made a special musical guest performance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, where he performed his single “Selfish” and “Sanctified” feat. Tobe Nwigwe. Additionally, Timberlake announced his highly anticipated sixth studio album Everything I Thought It Was, which is set to be released on March 15th (pre-order album HERE). 

EUROPE TICKETS: Tickets for all newly announced dates go on sale Friday, 1-March at 10am local times at justintimberlake.com

MASTERCARD PRESALE: Mastercard cardholders have special access to presale tickets in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden starting from Tues, Feb 27th at 10am Local. Preferred ticket access is available to Mastercard cardholders in the UK on Friday, March 1st at 9am GMT.  Visit www.priceless.com/music to find out more.

NORTH AMERICA TICKETS: Tickets for all shows are available now at justintimberlake.com

The tour begins in North America with 30 performances and back to back nights in multiple cities due to phenomenal fan demand. Timberlake then arrives in Europe on July 26 in Krakow, Poland at TAURON Arena Kraków and continues to several countries including Berlin, Germany; London, UK; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Copenhagen, Denmark; Stockholm, Sweden and more before wrapping up in Lyon – Décines, France at LDLC Arena on September 6th. The Forget Tomorrow World Tour returns to North America on October 7th and continues with 23 additional performances. The global run wraps in Indianapolis, IN at Gainbridge Fieldhouse on December 16. 

VIP:  The tour will also offer a variety of VIP packages and experiences for fans to take their concert experience to the next level. Packages vary but include tickets in the exclusive VIP Stage Bar section with in-seat service throughout the night, specially designed VIP gift item, early entrance into the venue & more. For additional information, visit vipnation.eu.


30. Audrey Nuna ft. Teezo Touchdown – Starving


genre-defying Korean-American artist and songwriter Audrey Nuna releases her first new track of 2024 “Starving” featuring breakout artist & multi-hyphenate Teezo Touchdown. The dynamic pairing of Audrey’s breezy and effortless vocals with the confident delivery of Teezo’s clever bars perfectly complement the song’s sleek production. The single is buoyed by the talents of South Korean R&B visionary So!YoON! on guitar and multi-platinum pop sensation Lauv on bass. Listen to “Starving” HERE.

The “Starving” music video officially heralds Audrey’s metamorphosis from a liquid breakfast to her new era. Directed by Audrey’s close creative collaborator Khufu Najee, and featuring Teezo, “Starving” shows two versions of Audrey–who she is versus who she is becoming–as they travel through a Tokyo-esque scenescape and break bread in the form of bejeweled delicacies, ultimately finding harmony in their differences.

“The idea of starving is so universal. We all starve for something… food, attention, connection. The world is lacking a lot of love right now,” says Audrey about the new single. “I feel really blessed to have Teezo on a song like this,” Audrey continues. “It feels like such a departure from both of our sounds, but I think we’re both the type of people who don’t care for being put into boxes when it comes to sonics–or anything, really.”

Teezo adds, “‘Oh, now ima dog? Ur a vet.’ is probably my favorite line so far.”

The release of “Starving” follows a tremendous 2023 that saw Audrey open for Ashnikko on her Weedkiller Tour and tease a new era of music. Most recently, Audrey dropped “Cellulite,” which upon release received acclaim from the likes of Billboard, PAPER, Hypebeast and more. Previously, she unveiled “Locket,” which V Magazine hailed as “mesmerizingly addictive” and “cementing NUNA’s status as one to watch in the music industry.”

With the release of “Starving,” “Cellulite” and “Locket” comes exciting news that Audrey is working on a new body of work, thus marking a new and captivating chapter both sonically and aesthetically for 24-year-old Nuna that serves as a testament to her evolution over the past two years. Having laid the foundations with her debut album a liquid breakfast, Audrey Nuna continues to push the boundaries and lead with a commitment to creativity, setting precedent as one of the first female Korean-American R&B acts breaking into mainstream culture.

31. Matty Marz – EPILL

Source:Matty Marz

Ready to take the pop world by storm, singer, songwriter, and producer Matty Marz reveals her infectious new single, “EPILL,” out today on all streaming platforms. 

Produced by Akira Akira (Mad Decent), Matty’s new single, “EPILL,” is an instantly catchy, club-ready anthem that will transport listeners straight to the dance floor. Taking inspiration from the gothic undertones of the late 90s electronic movement and the seductive pop sonics of the early aughts, Matty has created something undeniably unique and captivating.

‘EPILL’ was a song I always wanted to make but didn’t know how to articulate until its conception,” she says. “It’s a dark and seductive mid-ecstasy hit electronic record that explores the highs and lows of a trip.”

New York-based Matty Marz is part of a new generation of young trans women who are dominating the pop music game. Weaving a rich tapestry of unapologetic lyricism, experimental electronic beats, hypnotic pop melodies, and wide-ranging genre influences, Matty is carving out a sonic lane all of her own. 

Matty brings to the table a technical background in classical music (vocals and composition) and years of experience producing, performing and writing. Additionally, she recently graduated from the Los Angeles Academy for Artists & Music Production (LAAAMP), where she was able to fine-tune her skillset. 

With numerous hit singles already under her belt, Matty is ready to reach new heights in 2024 with the release of her debut album, m.w.u. Inspired by artists such as Ethel Cain, Charli XCX, Bjork, & Infected Mushroom, m.w.u is a story of euphoria and release. Touching on a wide-range of genres like industrial, electronic, drum ‘n’ bass, and trap, Matty has created a diverse and immersive project to wow listeners and transport them into a different plane of consciousness.

32. Caroline Romano – Used By You

Source:Caroline Romano

Rising alt-pop sensation Caroline Romano reveals her anthemic new single, “Used by You,” out on all streaming platforms today.

Over the course of her last few singles – “girl in a china shop,” “Tell Her I Said Hi” and “Used by You” – Caroline has unveiled a bolder sound that blends her pop sensibilities with dynamic alt-rock instrumentation. But, as her sound continues to naturally evolve, her authentic storytelling never waivers. On “Used by You,” Caroline tells a relatable tale of unrequited love, set to a backdrop of melodic guitars and anthemic percussion. 

“If I had to describe ‘Used by You’ in one word, I think that would would be brutal,” says Caroline. “It’s unabashedly honest, blunt, and real. It’s a song about the side effects of unrequited admiration. It’s about loving someone to the point that you’re willing to move mountains for them, even when they’re not willing to move an inch for you. It’s the fear of losing someone so much, that’s you’d rather lose yourself just to keep them. In the name of being honest, no matter how terrifying, this is ‘Used by You.’”

At just 22-years-old, Nashville-based Caroline Romano has established herself as a versatile artist, effortlessly transitioning between misty-eyed ballads and fiery alt-rock anthems. Memorializing the highs and lows of young adulthood with her unflinchingly honest songwriting, Caroline has captured the hearts of fans and tastemakers alike.

In 2022, Caroline released her highly-anticipated 16-track debut album, Oddities and Prodigies. She followed the album with her 2023 EP, A Brief Epic, a 6-track project that explored love and loss. With each new single that’s followed, Caroline has continued to reveal new layers of her artistry, resulting in some of her most confident and authentic songs yet. 

This Spring, Caroline will be heading on tour with Smallpools and Grayscale for their West Coast dates. Tickets for all dates are on sale now: https://carolineromano.com/tour

33. Tolü Makay – Mind & Body

Source:Release – Topic

Nigerian-Irish singer & songwriter Tolü Makay returns with her new single, “Mind & Body,” out on all streaming platforms today. “Mind & Body” was co-written with and produced by Steph Marziano (Phoebe Bridgers, Hayley Williams, Odesza) and mixed by Dan Grech-Marguerat (Lana Del Rey, MUNA, George Ezra).

On “Mind & Body,” Tolü’s strong, soulful vocals take center stage, elevated by a lush bed of ethereal production. Speaking on the poignant message behind the song, she says, “’Mind & Body’ explores the anxiety we feel when our body is numb to the moment while our mind is drowning in senses, screaming for us to be present in the here and now. It’s about allowing ourselves to breathe, about taking care of our bodies, about being present even when everything is moving so rapidly. In this cultural moment we are so concerned and cornered by our thoughts, our appearance, our voices and narratives that we tell ourselves. It is so hard to simply just be. ‘Mind & Body’ is a reminder to be present. To come together. Not just with yourself, but with each other. In Mind and Body.”

Moving from Nigeria to Ireland at the age of five, Tolü found solace in music as a young girl navigating life in a new country. Music was a way for her to make sense of her emotions, discover her identity, and connect with a wider community. She began singing in church at the age of 8, which led her to enter and subsequently win a national gospel singing competition as a teen. 

Tolü strives to create songs that will forever inspire, heal and touch generations to come as she encounters and shares the challenges she faces and growth she experiences in her own life. One of her earliest singles, “Goodbye,” became anthemic across the UK and Ireland, amassing over 2 million streams and counting. With her subsequent singles, she has continued to capture the hearts of listeners everywhere, cementing herself as a strong voice for Black women and artists.

Her first single of 2024, “Mind & Body,” kicks off what is sure to be an exciting year of new music and new experiences for Tolü. On March 1st, she will be making her debut on RTÉ One’s The Late Late Show, one of the world’s longest running late-night shows. She will then be heading stateside to perform for The Ireland Funds at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

Listen to “Mind & Body” on all streaming platforms: 

34. Ghetts – On Purpose, With Purpose


Ghetts proudly presents his new album, On Purpose, With Purpose. The record – which follows 2021’s epic Conflict Of Interest – continues the ongoing artistic evolution and unstoppable rise of one of the UK’s greatest rappers.  

Ghetts returns sounding sharper, more unflinchingly honest, and boldly confident than ever before and is joined by several guests, including; Kano, Wretch 32, Sampha, Unknown T, Dexta Daps, and Moonchild Sanelly.  

As well as achieving dizzying new heights as a songwriter and rapper, On Purpose, With Purpose finds Ghetts expanding his sonic palette by reaching out beyond rap and incorporating elements of wider musical influences such as soul (“Double Standards”), R&B (“Mine”), gospel (“Hallelujah”), Afrobeat and Amapiano (“Gbedu”, “Blessings,” and “Tumbi”).  

Born Justin Clarke and raised in East London, Ghetts combines razor-sharp, crystal-clear rhymes with smart humor and creative, intelligent wordplay. In 2005, following his release from prison, Ghetts released his debut mixtape, 2000 & Life. Since then he’s gone on to release 5 further mixtapes, 3 studio albums, and various blazing freestyles, and continues to improve and grow with each new offering. Ghetts’ previous album, Conflict Of Interest, marked a paradigm shift in his career receiving near-universal acclaim; reaching #2 on the Official UK Albums Chart and #1 on the Official UK Albums Downloads Chart; leading to Brit Award, Mercury Music Prize and NME Award nominations; plus DJ Mag Best Of British and MOBO Award wins. 

Listen to On Purpose, With Purpose above and stay tuned for more from Ghetts below.

35. Tenille Townes – As You Are

Source:Tenille Townes

Tenille Townes, award winning and revered singer-songwriter, announced the release of a new single, “As You Are.” A major sonic shift for Townes, it was recorded in Seattle with studio legend Ryan Hadlock who’s worked with everyone from Afghan Whigs to Brandi Carlile. The single is out now on Sony Music Nashville, click to listen HERE and watch the stunning video that accompanies the announcement HERE.

“As You Are ” begins with just a bright acoustic guitar, chords ring out, but only to accompany her singular and lone vocal, which rasps and arrests with every note. The song builds slowly, first adding haunting strings and then following the second chorus, then the drums kick in and it explodes into an unexpected indie rock heartbreaker, pushing Townes sound beyond anything you’ve heard before.

“Ryan Hadlock has space in his productions, where you can hear the air in the room and the emotion inside it, in a way that brings forward a more vulnerable and indie rock feeling,” stated Townes on working with Hadlock, adding,  “I was compelled as a fan of his work, and was looking for that edge in the songs we worked on together. I appreciated Ryan’s open approach to letting the production support my expression, and what we made is raw and built around how I play this song just picking up my guitar and I loved meeting the community of musicians around Seattle who record a little unconventionally, digging into parts with a lot of exploration.”

Her poignant lyrics reflect on learning to put down the mask, and share her true feelings with others. “I wrote this song about how I feel when it comes to letting people in,” stated Townes, adding, “I tend to keep my guard up high because it’s scary to let somebody in and risk sharing my real self, but this song is what I want to hear when I am feeling that way. When I’m afraid or struggling emotionally, I am the most guarded. At that moment, I need to hear that I can show up exactly as I am.”

An astute observer of the human condition, Townes’ discography is rife with stories that reverberate with heavy truths. Following the release of a duet with world-superstar Bryan Adams, the revered songwriter, and CCMA Entertainer of the Year, released a five-song project called the Train Track Worktapes in 2023. Townes conceptualized, wrote, and recorded the EP on a 15-day, 3,000-mile, train trip where she played 65 shows at stops in communities across Canada. Townes is also no stranger to the road, opening for legendary artists such as Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Shania Twain and George Strait and has also toured extensively outside of the US – last year she performed for fans in Australia, Ireland, Germany, and had a sold-out run of headlining shows in the UK. Her international touring efforts earned her a nomination for the CMA International Artist Achievement Award.

Townes is also a 17-time Canadian Country Music Association Award winner (CCMA), a two-time JUNO Awards Country Album of the Year Winner, and a two-time ACM Award-winner. She is also the first female artist in Mediabase Canada history to achieve two No. 1 singles (Music Canada Gold-certified “Jersey on The Wall (I’m Just Asking),” Music Canada Platinum-certified and RIAA Gold-certified “Somebody’s Daughter”).

Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree, Townes has also been featured by NPR, Variety, Refinery29BillboardRolling Stone, NBC’s “TODAY,” BBC and more. Additionally, she has raised over $2.5 million for Big Hearts For Big Kids, a non-profit she started when she was 15 years old to benefit a youth shelter in her hometown, which has grown to support US-based organizations including the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee, S.A.F.E. Animal Haven, and the Manna House.

Townes will be heading out on her As You Are Tour tour through the spring and will perform at Stagecoach festival on Saturday April 27 and Mooncrush festival on April 21 alongside artists including Noah Kahan and The Head and The Heart.

36. D Sturdy – Put It In Her Back

Source:D Sturdy – Topic

D STURDY core member of the Philly Goats announces his new mixtape Make It Out, is slated for release this Spring via Stack Or Starve/Def Jam Recordings. The forthcoming tape finds STURDY stepping out on his own and delving deeper into himself as he offers listeners a glimpse into his artistry and continued growth. Brimming with nuances, the tape is an introspective self-portrait that touches on STURDY’s upbringing and life on Philly’s streets, while also showcasing his expert storytelling and continued perseverance as he strives for success.

Coinciding with the news, STURDY shares his second single and the latest offering from his forthcoming tape “Put It In Her Back”. The hard-hitting track features a booming production as both he and his fellow Philly Goat member PGS Spence tag team the track with their Jersey Club-style cadence accelerated by their rapid-fire flow, hi-octane energy, and braggadocious bars. In between a memorable hook, STURDY proclaims, “I’m running this shit. I know they upset.” 

“Put It In Her Back” follows last month’s poignant single “Die Young” [with KUR]. The inspirational and unflinchingly raw song served as a tribute to both his friends and those lost to the streets due to gun violence, while also touching on the obstacles he’s overcome as he strives to make it out. An uplifting anthem that has resonated with listeners and press alike. The song is heating up at DSPs. ATTACK THE CULTURE christened it as an “inspirational anthem,” going on to applaud the “uplifting grind mentality.”

XXL Magazine recently featured D STURDY and his Philly Goats cohorts as part of The Break, in which they dove deep into their come-up. Last year, D STURDY and the Philly Goats shined on their self-titled debut mixtape, Philly Goats. It resulted in tens of millions of streams and achieved widespread critical acclaim. VIBE hailed it as “eight selections intended to make you bust a move.” Further proving that D Sturdy and The Philly Goats are poised for success, YouTube named them a “Trending Artist On The Rise, while The FADER proclaimed “Get Off The Wall” as a “song of the summer 2023 candidate.

Philly Goats uphold a legacy of high-energy club music, yet they also pave their own lane in the modern movement with airtight rapping and soaring singalongs. It’s no wonder Pitchfork hailed them among “The Next Generation of Club Rap” and proclaimed, “It’s an escape.” However, it’s only the beginning for both D STURDY and the Philly Goats.

A newfound chapter unfolds for the fast-rising rapper as he steps out on his own and reflects on his personal and artistic growth, continuing to embody an unceasing desire to escape the harsh realities of Philadelphia’s streets – bearing the torch for Philly and kids alike. Listen to “Put It In Her Back” and stay tuned for more news to follow from D STURDY and Philly Goats. 

37. Steven Malcolm – BOATS

Source:Steven Malcolm

Steven Malcolm debuts his 4th studio album, BOATS, today, February 23. Fans can stream the 16-track project HERE and watch Malcolm’s redemptive music video for the single “Nothing Into Something” HERE.

An acronym for “Based On A Truth Story,” BOATS is poised to transport listeners to a utopia of Malcolm’s creation. “BOATS will take listeners on a journey to Away — an oasis built for the chosen and run by the redeemed,” he shares of the concept behind the record. “Imagine a place where you become what you long to become. Imagine a place where your gift makes a way. Imagine a place where beauty reflects the ones who protect it, and its foundation is held together by the stories of the broken. Welcome to Away.”

Celebrating BOATS, Malcolm serves a heavy dose of reality rap with an autobiographical music video for “Nothing Into Something,” highlighting his growth into the artist and family man we presently know. “This is the most powerful record and video I’ve made thus far! [I] can’t express the excitement and redemption this truth story holds,” wrote Malcolm on social media.

The visual follows “40,” which depicts Malcolm waging war against his flesh, bracing for a fight in the desert — watch HERE. Outfitted with magnetic vocals and thought-provoking lyrics, “40” was the second glimpse into BOATS, following spiritual workout “Cardio,” which debuted in September.

BOATS is a follow-up to his familial 16-track collection, Tree, which received a 2023 GMA Dove Award nomination in the Rap/Hip-Hop Album of the Year category. The nod marked Malcolm’s seventh career Dove Award nomination.

Stream or purchase BOATS HERE. For more information, visit www.stevenmalcolm.com.

38. Joe West ft. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – Switch

Source:Joe West

Harlem emcee Joe West raps with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie on how he’s worried about who will “Switch” upon him in their newest single via Uptown Records. Joe West clarifies his concerns by singing in the hook, “Coming from where I’m from, gotta talk like this. Watch both ways; I’m worried about who’s gonna switch. They come from this way, that way, this way, that way.”

Throughout Joe’s verse, he raps about taking everything in at the moment from the money to the fame to the women around him. However, he realizes that the higher he goes in the rap game, the more that people will try to bring him down because of hatred. He explains it by rapping, “N****s know what happens every time that I drop… everybody want to know what I got, n****s still coming for my spot… I’m not keeping it quiet, hate on me out loud but they thank me in silence…”  

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie uses his verse to rap about his luxurious life and how he worries about who’s real around him. At the end of the verse, he says “It gets scary though, running shit up like a marathon… but what if I’m the only one to call? But what if I’m the only one that picks up every day you call when you got nowhere to call and end up telling everyone he knows?”

39. midwxst ft. 9lives – mistakes


midwxst shares his first single of the new year “MISTAKES.” This latest offering from the 20-year-old artist was produced in collaboration with New Zealand artist 9lives and follows the release of his celebrated debut album E3. 

“MISTAKES” is a reflective track that details overwhelming feelings of nostalgia surrounding a past relationship. The new single is a first taste of a forthcoming project and sees midwxst building on the profound growth and maturity that guided his debut while he continues to explore his artistic potential. 

His debut album, E3, is his most immersive and conceptual experience to date. Having hunkered down in a studio in LA, E3 provides listeners a path forward through relationships, identity formation, and the internet. Enlisting industry veterans and session musicians to soundtrack what he describes as a “fairytale gone wrong,” the album serves as an intricate painting of love in all its forms and evolutions.

Following the album’s release midwxst embarked on his headline North American tour with stops including Toronto, Atlanta, Houston, and Chicago. midwxst’s steady stream of new music has continued to flow since he emerged on the scene. The new album follows his BACK IN ACTION 3.0 EP, which includes the standout track “223’s” feat. BabyTron in addition to his better luck next time. EP. 

Listen to “MISTAKES” above and stay tuned for more from midwxst coming soon.

40. X-Raided – The Sunken Place

Source:Strange Music Inc

Flexing unparalleled verbal acumen once again, underground rap phenomenon and Sacramento native X-Raided unveils a brand new single and music video entitled “The Sunken Place” out now via Strange Music. 

His storytelling and dynamic lyricism power up this arresting banger. Right out of the gate, he recounts how a romance unfurls between “a fan of underground rappers” and “one in particular who was locked up doing time.”An ominous piano loop wraps around the track’s tense beat as X-Raided warns, “Guess sometimes you have to fail to learn a cautionary tale.” It culminates on a chant during the chorus, “He had to get up, get out, get out.”

Life tests this particular love to a breaking point, but you’ll need to listen in order to find out what happens…

The visual energizes the story on-screen. It explores the ups and downs of the relationship in question, literally bringing the lyrics to life in vivid fashion. It concludes with a climactic moment of breaking free. 

“The Sunken Place” only sets the stage for more to come from X-Raided. 

Escape “The Sunken Place” with him.

Most recently, X-Raided shined on “Knock” from Tech N9ne’s BLISS alongside an a-list cohort, including Conway The Machine and Joyner Lucas. Last year, he made a long-awaited return with his Strange Music debut album, A Prayer In Hell. Taking flight, the single “Stratus Fear” [with Tech N9ne] gathered 1.8 million Spotify streams and 414K YouTube views on the cinematic music video. Meanwhile, he landed major looks from the likes of New York PostHunnypot, and TMZ, among others. The latter professed, “X-Raided wants his experiences steer past, current and future inmates in a better direction.” Plus,  V13 welcomed him as its cover star in an extensive story as well.

Get ready for X-Raided’s next era!

41. KA$HDAMI – oasis


Paving a singular lane through music and culture, rapper, entrepreneur, visionary, and the DMV’s hottest rising star KA$HDAMI uncovers his anxiously awaited new mixtape, Oasis, out today via Mercury Records/Republic Records. With open arms, he beckons everyone into the embrace of these twelve tracks. Listen to OasisHERE.

About the LP, he commented, “In the past, I had released music for good times, but I needed something for when I wasn’t feeling so good. I wanted to test myself and see how much I could learn in the R&B space. This is the most open I’ve been able to be with my music. Everything from this project shows my maturity and versatilityThis album is very important for my discography. I want to have music for all vibes—all the time. The freedom is really starting to show in my music, and I’m making a better song every day.

Among many highlights, the single “Loyalty” instantly transfixes with a captivating music video. Revolving around breezy synths, KA$HDAMI questions the intentions of the people crossing his path on his journey to success. The video matches the energy of his effortless flex as he roams a massive mansion contemplating. Elsewhere, the smoked-out soul of “Different Timing” featuring Dro Kenji proves undeniably intoxicating. Then, there’s the lithe and lush “Good Wishes.” His voice hovers atop ethereal keys and distinct beat. 

He initially bulldozed a path for the album’s arrival with the standout “WANT!” It has already incited a groundswell of enthusiasm among fans and tastemakers. Right out of the gate, it earned looks from HipHopSince1987IMPRINT, and more. HotNewHipHop praised, “Earlier this week, KASHDAMI kicked off what’s sure to be yet another successful year with his new song, “Want!”” He originally teased “WANT!” on social media with Brent Faiyaz in the promo video that garnered traction from multiple twitter accounts combining in over 1M+ views. Fans immediately clamored for its release and stormed the initial post gathering nearly 25K “likes” in less than 24 hours. 

The song notably followed “Games.” Beyond picking up traction on DSPs, the latter attracted critical acclaim with plugs from HipHopDX and GRID Magazine who raved, “This track is a significant marker of KA$HDAMI’s personal and artistic evolution.”
Last year KA$HDAMI served up the six song EP, 18, which only continued a prolific season for the plugg pioneer, landing in the wake of WORLD DAMINATIONXXL highlighted “kompany” as one of the “Best New Hip-Hop Songs This Week.” Our Generation Music declared, “His talent as one of the new wave’s smoothest spitters is bolstered by his enigmatic track presence – wholeheartedly displayed on his new effort.” Perhaps, HotNewHipHop summed it up best, “The 17-year-old is taking over every lane he enters.

Stay tuned for more.

Allow KA$HDAMI to welcome you to Oasis.

42. Major Myjah – By Your Side

Source:Major Myjah

multi-hyphenate artist, serial hit-maker  Major Myjah makes his highly anticipated return with the release of “By Your Side” via The Starr Island Group.
“By Your Side” feverishly exudes a sonically smooth style as Major pens emotions navigating an ebb and flow relationship. “My ex-girlfriends will all tell you that I’m better at communicating my feelings and emotions through my music than talking directly to them.” The track finds the Jamaican-American rising artist back to his signature melodic style as he paves a path to one of his most decorated years to date. He steps out from behind the scenes as a highly sought-after writer and producer, placing his multi-layered solo artistry on center-stage. During the latter part of last year, he teased his highly anticipated return, unleashing heavy-hitting covers and music arrangements to PARTYNEXTDOOR’s “Break From Toronto” here and Usher’s “You Make Me Wanna…” here.
With a growing catalog that’s poised to expand further this year, Major Myjah has built a discography having earned placements from Chris Brown’s “Lost & Found,” and Usher’s  “Say What You Want” “Birthday” “ATA” to Ro James featuring Miguel “Too Much” and Rotimi’s “What’s The Cost.”
Be on the lookout for more surprises this year for Major Myjah as he rises to global success. 

43. Sean Kiez – On Ya Bullshyt

Source:Sean Kiez

The Formula’s recording artist Sean Kiez is back with a new video today for On Ya Bullshyt from his EP The Journey to bring you along with him to experience his past, present and future musically.

The Journey is an EP by Sean Kiez that features production by Grammy Award winning Raphael RJ2 and features the likes of previous #1 Billboard charting artist Coo Coo Cal (In My Projects). The video for On Ya Bullshyt was shot by Airborne Entertainment and shows a toxic relationship between two millennials.