Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America

Source: Ezra Shaw / Getty

It looks like coronavirus could be more contagious and airborne than researchers and doctors originally believed. One scientist in particular is advising the general public against going to the beach, as she says the ocean may be able to transport the contagion.

From TMZ:

According to Prather’s research the ocean is a hot bed for bacteria. TMZ continues:

According to her research … Prather’s found the ocean contains all kinds of pathogens and constantly sprays these particles into the air, but the scary part is — she believes the coronavirus is light enough to float through the air much farther than we think. Translation — social distancing doesn’t work with the ocean. Kim drives the point home by saying … “It’s not going to kill you if you miss a few surfing sessions, but it could if you go out there and get in the wrong air.” Prather’s warning comes as the world’s scientists are struggling to determine if COVID-19 can spread by more than just sneezes and coughs. Even Dr. Fauci‘s publicly hinting the virus might be more airborne than originally believed and suggesting it’s a good idea for everyone to cover their faces.