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Fret not! If you still haven’t purchased a gift for mom, we curated the perfect Mother’s Day gift guide for you. Check out a list of Black-owned businesses to support inside.

Tomorrow (May 12) is Mother’s Day, where families gather to celebrate the beautiful and nurturing women who brought us all into the world. The holiday is a celebration honoring the mother of a the family or individual, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on different days in many parts of the world, most commonly in March or May.

In the States, we celebrate in May. Whether you decide to spend the day with mom binging your favorite TV shows or films, a special gift for the occasion will make her day. We crafted a special gift guide with Black owned businesses for your last minute presents for mom.

There are various businesses to choose from including Grounded’s plants to help the special lady in your life liven up her space or Zeen Candle Company to keep her home smelling divine. If you want to take it the extra mile, get mom some celebrity obsessed footwear from Sunni Sunni.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Check out a list of our favorite Black owned businesses to celebrate the occasion below:

1. Gently Soap

Source:Gently Soap

Shop Gently Soap here

2. Grounded


Shop Grounded here

3. Zeen Candle Co.

Source:Zeen Candle Co.

Shop Zeen Candle Co. here

4. Sunni Sunni Footwear

Source:Sunni Sunni

Shop Sunni Sunni here

5. Brooklyn Ky

Source:Brooklyn Ky

Shop Brooklyn Ky here

6. Brown Girl Jane

Source:Brown Girl Jane

Shop Brown Girl Jane here

7. Fenty Beauty

Source:Fenty Beauty

Shop Fenty Beauty here

8. Mischo Beauty

Source:Mischo Beauty

Shop Mischo Beauty here

9. Havuni


Shop Havuni here

10. Rosedale World

Source:Rosedale World

Shop Rosedale here