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Source: Courtesy / Mind Less

Kyrie Irving and his sister Asia Irving have joined forces to launch a new brand, Mind Less. The collaborative effort aims to promote self-focus and inner listening. Read more about their new movement inside.

The Irving sibling duo are no strangers to the limelight. Professional basketball player and activist Kyrie Irving continues to dominate the sport with the Dallas Mavericks. While his sister Asia has created a name for herself as a force in fashion. She started as a men’s wardrobe stylist, personal shopper, and designer in 2015. Now, the two have embarked on a joint journey to demonstrate the power of silence.


Mind Less emphasizes the importance of silencing your mind and clearing out external noise to experience the transformative effects individually. To celebrate the official announcement of Mind Less, they have launched a limited capsule titled “VIEWS.

The brand represents the clarity found in silence, urging self-focus. It signifies the power of creation from a blank canvas, uniting like-minded individuals. The VIEWS Limited Capsule Campaign explores that same sense of sight and illustrates the power of perception. It highlights the details revealed when we pause to observe the interplay of light, movement, and matter.

The Irvings’ envisioned the campaign as a way to create a still and contemplative mood, inviting viewers to appreciate the inherent beauty in simplicity and the present moment. VIEWS transcends the mere act of looking, embodying the experience of seeing: perceiving with intention, understanding with depth, and connecting on a profound level.

The capsule collection features a carefully curated selection of transitional, everyday wear. With varied fabrics, the pieces offer versatile appearances and styling options. While revitalizing some approaches from Capsule I, this limited capsule introduces new elements that embrace a fresh perspective. As with all Mind Less collections, the Views capsule is infused with cultural references and designed to resonate with people from all walks of life. Mind Less offers a universal experience.

Check out latest with Mind Less via their website here.