THE ABSURD HOPE OF STARSHIP DESTINY,” Smeethan’s much-anticipated follow-up to  “Soul Symphony,” strives to ignite a sense of hope and awe in a world fraught with chaos and uncertainty. Through a magnificent lens that encompasses both humanity and the vast universe, the musician aims to share a grander perspective. His vision tends to showcase people’s remarkable achievements while embracing the limitless potential of the unexplored. With conviction, the artist declares, “Our light will not go out until it reaches the end of time.”

Comparing his latest singles, Smeethan says: “‘Soul Symphony’ illustrates the beauty of the natural world. My hope is that after instilling an appreciation for nature’s splendor, people will be moved to preserve it. Nevertheless, with the development of society, there has ultimately been an emergence in human sounds. “THE ABSURD HOPE OF STARSHIP DESTINY” represents all the amazing feats we have accomplished and inspires an optimistic look toward our future. These are two parts of the same message: the first aimed toward appreciation, and the second aimed toward human action.”

Smeethan asserts that nature and humanity are not opponents but rather interconnected entities, like two sides of a coin. The excessive consumption and pollution caused by people have resulted in an ecosystem that is increasingly unsuitable for human existence. In order to restore harmony with the world and forge a brighter future, individuals must employ their knowledge of the Earth and make use of technology in the best way possible.

His recent releases consisted solely of instrumental tracks as he believed that by eliminating his ego, he could convey his emotions with utmost intensity and accuracy, allowing the sounds to speak for themselves. Smeethan’s upcoming single will however take a creative shift, embracing a more conventional love song format. It will tell a delightful story inspired by a relationship that he witnessed evolve from a gentle spark into an intense blaze of passion.