Portrait of red-haired woman wearing a face mask at home

Source: Westend61 / Getty

While we all try to do our best to help flatten the curve on the widespread coronavirus outbreak, there is some recent news that is a little scary — to say the least. While we’d already heard COVID-19 maybe able to enter the body through the eyes, some scientists now say it might also be spread to others and surfaces through tears.

From TMZ:

Long story short … the scientists studied a group of 10 cadavers — who did not die from anything coronavirus-related — and found that their eyes and the area underneath their eyelids produced a solid amount ACE2 — an enzyme known to facilitate COVID-19’s permeation of the human body. This enzyme is found in lots of places — like in the mouth and lungs — but until now, it wasn’t known our eyes had ’em in such copious amounts. That’s a huge problem, obviously — but it gets worse. There’s another enzyme called TMPRSS2 which further helps the virus slip through our pores and blood vessels … and the Johns Hopkins crew found that our eyes have a crap-ton of that floating around as well.

Social distancing and staying in our own homes are both still so important, as clearly, covering our noses and mouths with masks may not always keep us safe. The site goes on to say tears may be a real risk factor as well…

Here’s the kicker … the group goes so far as to say that tears could possibly be a way of transmitting the virus and spreading to surfaces and/or to the others — depending on where you’re crying. 

The study has not been peer-reviewed yet, according to TMZ. Stay safe, be extra cautious, and we will continue to keep everyone posted on the latest updates.