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Rap City in the basement! The longest-running hip hop series ever is getting a documentary. BET announced “Rap City’s” three-part documentary series release date just in time for Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary. Read more details about the series and watch a special clip ahead of its Fall release.

The documentary titled “Welcome To Rap city” is being presented by BET and Mass Appeal. BET shares that it will feature several of the genre’s contributors, including rappers Eve, Ludacris, Jim Jones, T.I. and television executives Debra Lee and Stephen Hill.

Show creator Alvin Jones initially launched “Rap City” on August 11, 1989, as a response to “Yo! MTV Raps.” It went on to become the longest-running hip hop series in history with host Big Tigger.

The special preview trailer opens with Busta Rhymes, reflecting on the show’s legacy during the taping of its finale in 2008. The clip jumps to T.I. saying, “I ain’t even gon’ front, ‘Rap City’ was like the primary platform for everybody.”

The Atlanta rapper added, “No matter how big you may see these people right now […] ‘Rap City‘ gave us a launchpad and a countdown to shoot us off into the stratosphere.”

Get excited! The three-part series “Welcome To Rap City” will air on Tuesday, Oct. 10, roughly three months after the project was initially announced. What better way to celebrate Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary than with the platform that helped nurture the genre? Will you tune in? Comment your thoughts about “Rap City’s” special return below.

Check out the special preview clip below: