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It’s been just a little over a year (April 27th) since the passing of one of the most transcendent daytime television hosts ever. To celebrate the legacy of The Jerry Springer Show, we put together a gallery of some of its most outrageous moments. Click inside to check it out!

In late 1991, television as we know it changed forever. A new show unlike anything else the world had ever seen was introduced. The Jerry Springer Show aired on NBC for the first time September 30th. The syndicated tabloid talk show was produced and hosted by its namesake Jerry Springer and aired for 27 years and nearly 5,000 episodes (the first 18 years were filmed in Chicago, Illinois while the last 9 were filmed in Stamford, Connecticut). It became known for its controversial topics, profanity, physical fights, nudity, and unforgettable guests.

Ironically enough the show was never intended to be the viral and chaotic spectacle it became. In fact, the show’s first seasons didn’t reach nearly the successful ratings that it did around its peak. Why? In its early stages, the Burt Dubrow created show focused primarily on more political issues. This leads to an even more interesting fact. Jerry Springer also had a background in politics!

After earning a B.A. degree from Tulane University and a J.D. degree from Northwestern University, Springer (born Gerald Norman Springer) began a political campaign adviser to Robert F. Kennedy. He started practicing law in Cincinnati after RFK’s assassination. He was elected to the Cincinnati City Council in 1971 but resigned three years later after admitting to soliciting a prostitute. The next year Springer surprisingly got his seat back, largely in part to his honesty about the situation. In 1977, he was selected by the city council to serve as mayor for a year. His political career pretty much ended after he failed to win the Democratic nomination for governor of Ohio in 1982. Negative associations that came with his show caused him to back out of considering running for the Senate in 2000.

Springer started his broadcasting career while attending Tulane and continued it while he was still the mayor of Cincinnati. His career in broadcasting launched officially after his commentaries on the radio station became popular. He was eventually hired as a political reporter and commentator, primary news anchor and managing editor on Cincinnati’s NBC affiliate WLWT before his show was launched. With his background, it’s no surprise that Jerry was able to crack the television code like few others that came before him. Jerry Springer’s journey from prominent politician to acclaimed talk show host sounds like something you would see on his show. Although it wasn’t, there were plenty of storylines, characters and specific moments that made Jerry Springer and his show legendary. Enjoy a gallery of some of those moments below! Rest In Peace to a true legend!

1. How Does This Even Happen? Lmao


2. CLASSIC Episode


3. $50 & A Pack Of Cigarettes


4. Get Them Outta Here




6. Camoes Galore


7. Who Else Was Doing This? Lmao




9. So Unserious. Lmao


10. What You Watched When You Missed School


11. Jerry Loved The Kids Too


12. No Way. Hahahahaha


13. We Weren’t Ready. Lmao


14. Jerry Was Hilarious


15. Always Ended It The Right Way, RIP Legend!