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Families around the world are gathering for Easter this weekend. Happy Easter goers might celebrate in Church, with an easter egg hunt or by painting eggs. However you gather, we urge you to use this time with family to binge our favorite Easter episodes with this week’s special ‘What to Watch’ TV list inside.

Easter is based in a religious holiday where many commemorate Jesus’ resurrection. Others utilize the public holiday as another day to hang with family and do cute activities for the kids like Easter egg hunting and painting eggs.

Many people honor the holiday in pastel colored outfits and the start of Spring’s sundress season.

Since several students and teachers are out for Spring Break, it’s also the perfect time to spend moments with family binging our favorite sitcoms. In our special ‘What to Watch’ TV list, we featured Easter-themed episodes from several of your favorite sitcoms.

From “Parks and Recreations” to “Black-ish,” there are popular episodes fans can’t forget. This is a great list to get into after your Easter celebrations.

In season 4 episode 17 of “Black-ish” titled “North Star,” it’s Easter that brings the family together. After miscommunication on whose turn it was this year, both Bow and Dre’s families turn up at their house for Easter, leading to a mix of personalities and cuisines – which turns out for the better in the end. Meanwhile, twins Jack and Diane try to impress their “cool” cousins by feigning disinterest in Junior’s Easter egg hunt.

As usual, our list offers something for everyone. Relax and take it back to some of these classic Easter inspired episodes.

Check out this week’s ‘What to Watch’ TV list below:

1. ‘Black-ish’ – “North Star” (Season 4, Episode 17)


2. ‘Modern Family’ – “I’m Going to Miss This” (Season 11, Episode 16)


3. ‘Parks and Recreation’ – “Canvassing” (Season 1 Episode 2)


4. ‘Superstore’ – “California (Pt. 1)” (Season 5 Episode 21)


5. ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ – “Valloweaster” (Season 7, Episode 11)