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Missy Elliott just discovered Luther Vandross rapping her hit single “Work It” at his Radio City Music Hall live performance and album back in 2003. The VA rapper shared an audio clip from Vandross’ performance to relish in the joy and surprise with her social media fans. Check out the post and performance inside.

The award-winning artist and producer was shocked to find out the late, great singer Luther Vandross admired her work so much that he would perform it during his Live Radio City Hall performance.

Elliott shared the clip of Vandross singing “Work It” with a caption saying, “Yoooo I never heard this before until yesterday😱This is Big to me because Luther is LEGENDARY!!!! rappin my song just wow😱& he was Snappin😅he said this a masterpiece🥹🙌🏾🕊🙏🏾💜 Rest easy Icon🫶🏾.”

Vandross recorded this live album two months before his hospitalization due to a serious stroke and the start of a severe health decline. The album was released on October 14, 2003 by J Records and recorded live at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on February 11 and 12 that same year.

The singer’s Live 2003 at Radio City Music Hall is a wonderful addition to the Vandross’ discography. Vandross performed his notable smooth, love ballads live in New York City and added signature improvisational twists, stunning vocal theatrics, and some of the most entertaining banter with an audience ever heard.

Shockingly, Missy hadn’t witnessed this greatness in the 20 years its existed. Even though, his performance paid homage to her greatness. The late singer Vandross referred to Elliott’s “Work It” as a masterpiece.

How flattering! Legends celebrating legends.

Check out the throwback clip below: