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Day time talk show “The View” invited Vice President Kamala Harris to speak on behalf of the Biden Administration and how they are handling the Israel-Hamas War. Media personality Sunny Hostin asks the tough questions and Harris shares her answers. Watch the clip inside and read more details about their conversation.

The conversation begins with Sunny sharing the views of a very important part of the Democratic voter based. She said that voters from 18-29 disapprove of how the Biden administration is handling the Israel-Hamas War.

“They do not support sending weapons and money to Israel,” Sunny lists the facts. “They are advocating for a humanitarian cease-fire.”

She then begs the question to Madam Vice President Harris, “How does the administration respond to the concern of this very important part of the Democratic voter base?”

Kamala’s response began with her talking about embarking upon what she called a “college tour” and meeting with over 15,000 students. She defers to saying, “I love Gen-Z by the way. I think it’s a spectacular generation.”

Harris goes on to say she understands their concerns and rebuts with, “I think it’s important that while we understand where they’re coming from, which I do, that we not lose sight of the context.”

The VP goes back to the incident that took place on Oct. 7 when Hamas attacked Israel and shares, “we cannot deny the significance of a vicious, brutal attack that caused the death of 1200 innocent people, a lot of them young people that were just attending a concert.”

Harris follows up with how women were brutally assaulted and raped, sharing that it brought her to the bulk of her career focusing on those types of crimes.

“The horror of it,” Harris adds to her rebuttal. “All of that to also then say Israel has a right to defend itself. We [United States] would.”

She also claims to have been on 14 or 15 calls with President Joe Biden and Israel’s Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu. She shares that the calls are focused on what Israel must do to protect innocent people.

Harris wraps up her stance by saying, “We all want this to end as soon as possible. And how it ends matter. Which includes that Israel must be secure and there must be an equal measure of security for the Palestinians that are entitled to dignity and self defemination.

“Since the first day I have been very focused in addition to all that we have discussed on the day after.”

Check out the full clip from their conversation below: