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Victoria Monét’s daughter Hazel Monét creates her own freestyle in the studio. The adorable toddler shocked fans with her impressive wordplay, vocal range and stage presence. Hazel is certainly going places. Check out the viral clip and read more about Hazel Monét inside.

The three-year-old has already made music history as the youngest Grammy award-winning talent. Hazel Monét is featured on her mom’s single “Hollywood” with legendary soul group Earth, Wind and Fire. Though Hazel isn’t singing on the song, thanks to her sweet laughter at the end she’s listed as a featured artist as well. The single was nominated for best traditional R&B performance in December 2023. Victoria went on to win three Grammys for Best R&B Album, Best Engineered Album (Non-Classical), and Best New Artist. Though the song didn’t win Best Performance, Hazel still makes history being part of the Jaguar II album.

Monét welcomed her first child, Hazel Monét, with Gaines on Feb. 21, 2021. The talented tot has already proven to be a force with her own credits on the album. Thanks goodness Victoria made sure to credit her baby as a writer on the single, because it’s proof that she’s nurturing her daughter’s gifts.

One thing is for certain: Hazel is a star! Her parents both already see the potential shining through. They both often post videos of her singing popular tunes or making up songs of her own in public places, and baby Hazel is not shy at all. She poses for the camera and sings on cue like she was born to perform.

In the latest viral clip, Hazel creates a nearly three-minute long freestyle. Victoria posted the clip of her daughter like a proud and joyful mama with the caption, “Hazel Freestyle for smiles…🥹 🤯 yall she just turned 3! This is her 3rd freestyle to beats and she’s already gotten better 😩 she understands melody, the concept of rhyming, runs and flowing between cadences.”

Check out the original post here:

Hazel’s freestyle is so impressive for a number of reasons. She has a great use of wordplay and flow. Her pitch and tone are unbelievable. A star is born!

Fans react with responses saying, “one thing about hazel monet? she gone catch the beat and not lose it!”

Another fan shared their reaction on the original post saying, “Wait this melody and flow is kinda crazy.”

We are so excited to see this star shine. The talent will only blossom from here. Go Baby Hazel!