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Source: Courtesy / MGM+

MGM+ revealed a first look trailer at its newest drama series “Emperor of Ocean Park,” starring Forest Whitaker. Today (May 22), Keith Powers was announced as one of the show’s newest guest stars. Check out the trailer and read more details about the upcoming series inside.

From John Wells and Sherman Payne, MGM+ debuts its exciting new series with a trailer and release date. The dramatic tale is based upon Stephen L. Carter’s best-selling novel of the same name. The first episode is set to debut this summer with new episodes airing each Sunday until the Fall.

In addition to previously announced stars Whitaker, Grantham Coleman, Tiffany Mack, Paulina Lule, and more, the first season has also added NAACP Image Award Winner Powers (The Perfect Find, The Tomorrow War, The Uglies), Kelli Simpkins (American Rust, Work in Progress, 61st Street), Keith Kupferer (Ghostlight, Windows, The Dark Knight), and Deanna Reed-Foster (The Shining Girls, Vince Staples Show, Chicago Fire).

The series is set in the worlds of politics, elite academia, and the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard. It follows Talcott Garland (Coleman), an esteemed law professor whose quiet life is shattered when his father, Judge Oliver Garland, dies of an apparent heart attack. The nature of the judge’s death is questioned by Tal’s sister, Mariah, a former journalist and inveterate conspiracy theorist, who believes that the judge, a failed Black nominee to the Supreme Court, met with foul play.

Check out the new cast members character descriptions below:

Keith Powers as “Lionel ‘Nasty Nel’ Eldridge”

Character Description: An ex-NBA star, Lionel is not your typical law student. He’s five years older and a foot taller. Lionel is a dedicated student who looks up to Tal for mentorship and advice.

Kelli Simpkins as “Dana Worth”

Character Description: Dana is an opinionated, whip-smart, and funny law professor. A dedicated colleague and friend to Tal, she’s eager to join him when he gets wrapped up in a mystery.

Keith Kupferer as “Mallory ‘Uncle Mal’ Corcoran”

Character Description: Uncle Mal is a well-connected lawyer and power broker who garners respect from politicians and the wealthy alike. A longtime ally to Oliver Garland and his family.

Deanna Reed-Foster as “Sally Garland, aka Cousin Sally”

Character Description: Sally is a single woman who brings a party with her wherever she goes. A functioning alcoholic with a fixation on the approval of her cousins, she struggles with feelings of loneliness and depression.

“Emperor of Ocean Park”  is produced by John Wells Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television, with John Wells, Erin Jontow, and Shukree Tilghman serving as Executive Producers alongside Sherman Payne.

Be sure to catch the upcoming series on July 14 on MGM+, with new episodes airing on Sundays until September 15.

Watch the trailer below: