Re-opening Continues Across Densely Populated New York And New Jersey Areas

Source: Noam Galai / Getty

While restrictions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic soften around the country, people continue to die from the deadly disease. There have been more than 1 million COVID-19 deaths since the virus first surfaced in China, according to reports citing data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. America, as many of us are aware, is leading the global death count.

TODAY reports: “With more than 200,000 deaths, U.S. continues to lead the global death toll, followed by Brazil at 142,000 and India at 95,500, the tally on Monday showed.” “Last week, as 7 million cases were confirmed across the U.S., experts warned that a second surge this fall and winter could be catastrophic for the country, as hospitals could be forced to shut down or cut crucial services. And the global pandemic shows no signs of easing — quite the opposite. Countries around the world are experiencing new waves of infection, and scientists are ramping up efforts to deliver an effective vaccine,” the site adds.

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TODAY goes on to note the global death toll could be much higher than what is being reported due to a lack of testing. We will continue to keep you updated — but in the meantime, stay as safe as possible.