Self-esteem is one of the most underrated aspects of the human condition. Just like your body and mind, it has to be healthy in order for you to live a quality life. Unfortunately for young, Black women in America, their journey with self-esteem has been a demanding and strenuous one.

Although many of our issues as a Black community stem from socio-cultural and economic oppression, it is part of our job as a people to heal from the inside out. And that all begins with acknowledging the self-hate that is still so prevalent in our society: like colorism. It’s a disease that makes gorgeous little girls like one 4-year own chocolate princess who recently went viral after crying on IG Live about feeling “so ugly”.

Not only did the touching video have folks crying together on social media, it sparked the age old conversation about how young Black girls are taught from a young age that they are not good enough.

“Dark skin still not only comes with the expectation of lower class but lessened beauty, not to mention uncleanliness, lesser intelligence and a diminished attractiveness.” – The Guardian, 2019

The disturbing prejudice affects women of all ages, but it’s truly painful watch a 4-year old breakdown about her looks before her brain is even fully developed. But thank goodness for hairdresser @lilwavedaddy! The warm-hearted artist spoke more life, love and confidence into that young girl in 2 minutes than many people have heard in their entire life.

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While doing her hair she had alllll the energy in the world then out of nowhere she stares at herself and gets soooo discouraged 😢 it broke my heart into pieces because she has the GREATEST energy and the most beautiful smile and heart ! She comes from a great home & loving mother . I just think when kids go to school they learn and pick up sooo much different things that they don’t know the definition but they know the feeling ! Keep her in your prayers and keep lifting up our future !!!

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The video instantly went viral.


People, we must do better by our young ones. They are the future.