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Lou’s drinking creates a problem for the whole family when Shantel goes looking for justice. Kanan assimilates into Ronnie’s crew, and Raq formulates a new plan for Unique’s former heroin operation.

This week’s episode started with Paul getting a very unpleasant surprise in the form of Ronnie and some of his goons. While he was watching TV, they busted into his house and roughed him up a bit before taking him to Kanan. Kanan explained to Paul that he and Ronnie didn’t like the stuff he was talking about going to the police. While this is happening, Famous unknowingly walks in. As soon as he peeps the scene, he offers to leave and come back and get his stuff another day. Ronnie tells him that he can stay. Before they leave, Ronnie makes sure that Paul (who had pissed himself out of fear at this point) understands that saying he was going to go to the cops was even worse than doing it. After Paul clearly got the message, Ronnie and Kanan walked him to his apartment. Kanan told Famous to get his stuff and be gone by the time he got back. Elsewhere, Raq made her way to discuss business with Quân. She wanted to keep the same deal with him that Unique had. Quân told her about Unique’s plan to expand and how he had trouble doing it, especially with the transportation aspect. He didn’t think the spot Unique had was worth all the trouble. Raq was able to convince him to work with her on pretty much a 2 month probational period. Back at the spot, Fanous quickly packed his stuff in his bag, including his gun. As he was trying to speed out, Kanan and Ronnie were coming back in. Ronnie started to grill Famous with a whole bunch of questions while Kanan sat by and watched. Ronnie went on to share how Kanan told him that Famous likes to talk. Famous denied the allegations and told Ronnie he didn’t have anything to worry about. Ronnie took offense and got very close as if he was going to harm Famous. Kanan had to step in and tell Ronnie that Famous keeps things close for the most part and if he didn’t, he’s handle him himself.