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This week’s episode of BMF was titled ‘High Treason.’ The Flenory brothers travel to Atlanta during Freaknik to set up a new distribution hub for BMF and reconnect with their business associates Ty Washington and Goldie but not everyone survives the road trip. Click inside to read the full recap of BMF Season 2 Episode 9.


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This week’s episode started with Terry and Meech discussing whether or not they should kill B-Mickie. Tee can’t understand why it’s such a hard thing for Meech to get with, especially since if it was anyone else, they would have been dead already. Meech emphasizes that BMF doesn’t kill family members and their main goal should be expanding and setting up shop in Atlanta. Terry agrees but proposes that they take B-Mickie to Atlanta and leave him there for good.

The whole crew (including the PA Boys) take the trip down to Atlanta to partake in the legendary Freaknik, amongst other things. Those other things include catching up with Goldie, who they greet with money a nice sum of cash for her help the last time they were in the city. Meech proposes that Goldie let them clean their money through her club(s). Although she is hesitant at first, they convince her to work with them as an olive branch. She invites them to a birthday party at Magic City, where she says there are some people she can introduce them to including a realtor named Stephanie. Walking back from the bathroom at Goldie’s house, Meech witnesses a seemingly sick woman on the floor crying for help. Later on in the episode, we found out that the woman is Goldie’s little sister and she is suffering from AIDS.

After they leave Goldie’s, they pull up on Ty Washington and his family at their house. They pay him back for fronting them their last trip. They tell their fellow Detroit brother that they’re planning to plant a flag in Atlanta and they need someone helping them find locals, stashes and business fronts. They also tell him they need some exterminators (which was code word for someone to catch a body) for them. Ty’s wife Deanna (played by Yung Miami) invites them to stay for dinner. They oblige and end up staying the night. While talking the next morning, Ty explains that home life and family are the only things worth it when it comes to hustling. Meech hips Ty that they’re going to Magic City later that night and tells him that he has to come. Ty asks Deanna can he go and before she can answer, Meech promises to have him home before the sun came up.

While Meech and B-Mickie are making connections at a party, Terry is talking to a hitman who they want to take out B-Mickie. Later in the night at Magic City, while everybody else is having a good time, B-Mickie can’t help but to be on alert. He peeps Terry talking to the same hitman from earlier and realizes something is afloat. After the club, the hitman starts to shoot at B-Mickie. At the same time, one of the people Meech met and got into with at a party earlier in the episode (Remi Ranson) also open fire. The hit on B-Mickie didn’t go as planned and unfortunately, Ty Washington was caught in the crossfire, losing his life. Meech went back to Deanna to share the terrible news. She isn’t here for the sad sob stories as she orders Meech to make whoever did it to him pay.

The last scene of the episode might be one of the best of the whole series. Reflecting on the events that took place that night, Terry and B-Mickie get into a heated argument. B-Mickie confronts the fact that Tee tried to set him up and pulls a gun out on him. Before he even gets a chance to pull the trigger, Meech ups his gun on him. Terry wants Meech to blow B-Mickie’s head off but he just can’t bring himself to do it. Meech does not want to lose yet another brother. Instead, he thinks they should shift their focus to the person who’s really trying to break their family apart…Detective Bryant. What will there plan of action be? Can Terry and Meech trust B-Mickie after everything that’s happened through out the season?


Detective Bryant buys a new safe and puts the gun he’s been holding over B-Mickie’s head in it. He assures Kevin that the person who broke into their house was not his school bully Marcus. Kevin leaves school out of fear and ends up at the station talking to Detective Jin. He spills all the beans surrounding the robbery. The conversation is cut short when Bryant arrives and it ends with Kevin expressing that he wants to move back with his mother. Jin brings up what Kevin told her and asks a few questions regarding the robbery. Bryant tells her that he’ll take care of the situation (He speaks to her as if Marcus is actually the one who broke into the house) on his own. With Kevin not living with him anymore, Jin decided to come to Bryant’s house unannounced with food and the two get intimate yet again. Jin again asks about the bully and Bryant says he handled it.

Jin decides to snoop around Bryant’s room, in hopes that she can find anything to help her figure out what really happened in terms of the robbery. She finds the visitor wristband that B-Mickie had gotten when he visited his mother in the hospital facility. After doing some investigating, Jin realizes that B-Mickie broke into Bryant’s house because of Bryant’s actions with his mother and her death. He explains that he used B-Mickie’s mother as leverage. Jin decides to keep the secret between them two and the two agree to tell each other everything moving forward, whether they want to hear it tonight. The two detectives get super lucky when Boom is arrested. They show him pictures of Terry and Markisha and he begins to sing like a canary, telling them that the Flenory’s stole K-9’s Colombian connect. What will Bryant and Jin do with the information they were given? Is there anyway that the Flenory brothers can get out of the jam?


BMF on STARZ episodic Images from episode 209

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Last week, Lucille found out that Charles was being unfaithful. This week, she acted accordingly. Lucille agrees to go on a date with none other than Pastor Swift, much to the dismay of Charles. On the date, Lucille spills her soul to Pastor swift, who obviously has other things on his mind. The man of God seems to believe that since Lucille is in an emotional and vulnerable state of mind, it’s his chance to make an advance at her. He tried to caress her leg at the dinner table and she politely moves it. After he peeps that she’s not on the same type of time he is, Pastor Swift has the waiter split the bill in half instead of paying for the full meal.

Just as she did for her dad earlier in the episode, Nicole cooks for Lucille. With all that’s on her mind, Lucille can’t bring herself to eat. Mable then comes over to return Lucille’s skillet. She tries to make the interaction very quick but Lucille asks her to stay for a minute because she wants to talk to her about something. She reveals that Charles is having an affair. Mable reacts as if she is surprised (she’s probably only surprised that Lucille found out at all). As Lucile continues to explain, she starts to shed tears, prompting Mable to try and grab some tissue from purse. When she does so, she inadvertently pulls out some matches from the same hotel that Charles was at. Lucille puts the pieces together and begins to explode. She grabs the skillet and for a second, looks like she’s going to clock her upside the head with it. She warns Mable to stay away from her family and that she is dead to her. Enraged, Lucille breaks Charles’ guitar. She then tells Charles that any shred of love she had for me is gone. Nicole tells her father that he’s done enough and asks him to leave. What’s next for the Flenory parents now that they’re seemingly headed for a separation at least? Will the children pick a side?


After robbing BMF for their work yet again, Lamar is realizing that it isn’t as easy as he thought it might be to get it off. Everyone he has tried to reach out to is giving him the cold shoulder, in fear that they’ll be blackballed by BMF. He takes his frustrations out on Alvin by breaking his TV. The only thing that seems to get Lamar’s mind right is Mo. He goes to her house and surprises her with three things. He gives her a check for $30,000 that he wants her to use to start Zoe’s college fund. He then ups the ante by giving her a promise ring (that looked like a wedding ring) that symbolized his commitment to being his best self. The last surprise was some cocaine (which we’ve become accustomed to seeing them do together.

In the midst of them getting lifted, Mo brings out some crack. Yes, crack. She tries to convince Lamar to hit it out of a pipe. Instead, he suggests that she hit it first. He even lights it for her, causing her to start coughing severely. Realizing what’s going on, Lamar becomes enraged and the two begin to fight. After she put up a very good fight, Mo is strangled to death by Lamar. Being the impulsive thinker that he is, Lamar realizes what he just did and only has one person he can call to help him out…Alvin. When he arrives, Lamar tells him that Meech turned her against him and states that Mo made him do it. While they’re trying to figure out what to do next, the phone rings and it’s Zoe. She wants to speak to her mother (we know she can’t do that now. Smh) but Lamar says she’s in the shower. When he tells her that he loves her, Zoe hangs up. Afterwards, Lamar helps Alvin take the body out. How will Meech respond when he finds out that Lamar killed one of his baby mothers?

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