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Who wore it better? Just days after rapper Ice Spice appeared on North West’s TikTok account, the 9-year-old did her very own rendition of the “Munch” artist. Fans are chiming in on social media, begging the question: Is it age appropriate for North to recite lyrics to Ice Spice’s “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2” on TikTok? Read more inside.

North West has one of the most entertaining TikTok accounts right now. Whether she’s making shakes with her siblings or doing the latest trends, millions of people tune in daily for her fun TikToks. North being the daughter of reality star Kim Kardashian and entertainer Kanye West certainly makes fans more invested in her content.

Rapper Ice Spice, who has grown to fame since the success of “Munch” and “Boys a Liar Pt. 2” on TikTok, appeared on North’s TikTok over the weekend. She was hanging out at what seemed to be Kim’s massive mansion with North and two of her friends.

On the official @kimandnorth TikTok account — which has amassed over 15 million followers and is “managed by an adult”–  Ice Spice dances with North and friends to her hit song “In Ha Mood.”

Another video shows the group acting out the Ice Spice lyrics throughout the house. North is obviously a huge fan, reciting each lyric and she previously shared a drawing she created of Ice Spice. The NY rapper eventually shared a video with North on her personal TikTok account.

Shortly after the Ice Spice appearance, North West posted another TikTok dressed as Ice Spice with her cousin Penelope. She sang along to some of the lyrics from Ice Spice’s PinkPantheress collaboration, “Boys a Liar Pt. 2.”

In the recent TikTok, North wore the same Juicy Couture sweatsuit as Ice Spice, a remake of the rapper’s iced out “Bikini Bottom” chain, and had the ginger wig to match. According to her aunt Kourtney Kardashian in a since-deleted post, North dressed as the New York rapper for an event at school.

Though North’s Ice Spice impersonation seemed to be innocent, fans now agree with Kanye’s earlier concerns about his children being on social media. She raps some adult lyrics from the 23-year-old’s song which says:

“Bet he blowin’ her back/ Thinkin’ ’bout me ’cause he know that a** fat (damn).”

In the video, North turns around to show the baack of her sweatpants, which reads “Juicy.”

Kanye previously called out his ex-wife for letting North make TikTok clips, stating his disdain for the app as it pertains to his daughter.

“I’m not allowing my daughter to be used by TikTok, to be used by Disney,” Ye expressed last year during one of his many social media rants. “I have a say-so.”

Was Kanye on to something? Comment your thoughts on children being on TikTok.

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