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Source: Gabi Lamb / Courtesy of Serato

In honor of Women’s History MonthSerato unveiled its “Women to the Front” series of short form visualizers celebrate and tell the stories of fearless, barrier-breaking female DJs and producers. Read more and watch the series inside.

Each week in March, we continue to highlight the women who are making waves in their industry. This week thanks to Serato we spotlight three skilled artists, who are making women feel safe and seen in music and dance culture.

“Women to the Front” spotlights three talented artists. Esteemed NYC-based DJ & Producer Natasha Diggs, Chicago-based DJ and multi-hyphenate artist King Marieand NYC-based, Dominican-American DJ and Producer Dana Lu share their inspirational journeys in an effort to highlight a new wave of inclusivity and talent in their respective industries.

Serato released the lead visualizer, which features all three DJs, and later debuted their individual artist spotlight videos. Through each short film, Serato dives deeper into the stories of these artists, celebrating the tales of resilience, creativity, and empowerment that define women’s journeys in music.

“I just want women to feel empowered to be themselves,” Natasha Diggs saod in the lead visualizer.

This campaign is a shout-out to every woman who has ever felt sidelined or overlooked in the music industry, and to every artist who’s had to hustle twice as hard to claim their spot behind the booth or mixing desk. Starring King Marie, Dana Lu, and Natasha Diggs—three icons who haven’t just navigated the tough terrain of the music industry, but have also been busy rewriting the map. “Women to the Front” is a film series that serves as a powerful ode to persistence and the sheer force of female creativity.

“Women to the front is a statement that should’ve existed a long time ago, but I’m very grateful for it to exist because women do it better,” King Marie concludes the promotional visualizer.

Check out the promotional visualizer below:

Watch the entire series on Serato’s YouTube channel here.