It’s a known fact that Black women are at higher risk throughout the childbirth process, so this latest story about a woman getting her newborn stolen shouldn’t surprise us, but we are truly at a loss for words. Mea says she gave birth at her home before being transported to St. Joseph Hospital in Minnesota, where she was told that her baby died. Years later, she allegedly found out her child was actually given to a white couple, under the guise of an adoption. Here is the full story in her own words:

“3 years ago I had a baby on the toilet UNEXPECTEDLY. I had NO prenatal care or anything I gave birth to a baby girl sept 6th at home on the toilet my baby’s father proceeded to get help we lived across the street from a school a lady came into my home wrap the baby up in a towel and then ask if I could breast feed the baby because she wasn’t breathing (She was no doctor she just trying to help),” Mea begins.  “Due to the fact that the umbilical cord was still attach to both the baby and inside of me I couldn’t breast feed or anything. It was like every time she moved my baby I felt like she was pulling the rest of the umbilical cord out. I mean imagine not having your umbilical cord clipped after birth? The paramedics arrive cut the umbilical cord I then heard her first baby cry and we were carried out me being carried by the feet and upper body and another paramedics with baby and we were brought to St Joseph’s were I had end up being told my baby did not make it.”

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Mea says it was too difficult to see her baby in that way, adding that she truly believed the child passed away. But when she later attempted to obtain a death certificate, she was told there wasn’t one…

“I am not aware nor do I know the process as to how to confirm death but there was no way I could see her like that ! I wouldn’t think anyone would lie about such! It was like I blamed myself … for everything so yea watching her fall in the toilet was enough for me. … We were goin through a lot at the time so yea a lot of things bypassed us as parents but as I’m trying to get her death certificate I’m being told their is not one. I then reached out for legal help in which I end up finding out I have a adoption open with this lady. I then searched her on fb I just clicked the first person and this cover photo pops up and omg she looks like my other kids.”

What she found next was unbelievable…

“I then began to scroll through this women’s fb and I notice she had an adoption journey I began finding out all about her adoption and she states she was called the same day I had my baby. She had no time to plan she just received this random call she was chosen to take my baby home. She states how weird the hospital took place she stated the baby was brought to her by the nurses station and when questioning this, the doctors told her their maternity ward was closing they told her. It was their last patient and they were glad to have processed an adoption.”

“I was sent to a funeral home and given a urn. The lady that helped me in my home came to the hospital brought me flowers. The nurses helped her put flowers in a vase as she grieved to them how she wish she coulda done more to help the baby. It just doesn’t make since I just want and need to know the truth as to what happen. Why do these people have my baby, how can someone just get a call saying their picked to take care of someone baby without having time to plan without the parent knowing them about them. I’m a mother of 4 , 5 including her before her. I had my 3 as a mother you know WE know it’s in our nature to love and to protect them. I just don’t get how this happened. I’ve held on to the urn for 3 years for nothing?! I just need help figuring out how to get my baby back. Through all trials and tribulations my kids are all I got through every struggle. My situation is not perfect but I don’t deserve any of them to be takin from me,” she concludes.

Mea has raised $3,100 of her $10,000 goal so far. Please continue to share her story and click HERE donate to her cause in bringing little RaeLa home.