Vermont’s art-rap collective 99 Neighbors released the new single “Airlock” today via 99 Records, its own independent label venture through Outback Presents distributed via Virgin. Entirely produced by Somba with Maari on vocals, The track’s infectious soundscape pays homage to trap and hip-hop production through a versatile and explorative lens. 

“Airlock” follows the release of “Waldosia”, 99 Neighbors first release of 2023. The lo-fi dance track put the collective’s creative versatility on full display. While “Airlock” is a nod to their past, “Waldosia” shied away from the collective’s signature sound – lyricism over heady jazz/electronica-infused production – heard on Television and 2021’s follow-up, Wherever You’re Going I Hope It’s Great. 

With over 100M streams clocked so far, and a level of prolific creation that shows no signs of stopping, in 2023 99 Neighbors continues to challenge norms and press the boundaries of creative expression.