Alexis Kings presents “Cali Girls”, a new stunning single executed in the band’s eclectic style. Profound and meaningful, the song tells the story of our society which, unfortunately, is waist-deep in superficial attributes thanks to social media. 

“Cali Girls” utilizes beautiful soundscapes that build up on their rock ‘n roll foundation with the spicy hip hop and rock elements. Fabio Bocca on drums and Brendan Aherne as lead vocals make magic happen not only in “Cali Girls” but in every other single like “Surrender” and “Squire”. 

Dubbed the “Band to listen to” by Radio X’s John Kennedy and ‘ones to watch’ by Huw Stevens of BBC Radio 1, the indie alternative funk rock band Alexis Kings are releasing a new EP with exciting new music on the horizon 2022 is set to be a year to watch the band. 

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