Artur is a 43 year old Polish-American recording artist & sculptor based out of Atlanta, Georgia who started to write lyrics when he was 16 after being denied entry into a club because of his Polish passport. He wound also go on to found Living Angles & #UplineCreations after diving into sculptural art and into making frequency emitting permission-slips and art installations. But as a way of properly introducing himself in the music industry, Artur is presenting a brand new style of hip hop of his own that he refers to “ascension rap” on his full-length debut.

After the “Intergrate” intro, the first song “2023” sets off the album by opting in for an open contract over some bells & hi-hats whereas “Alien Abduction (Spiritual Induction)” works in some guitar licks talking about how some will view this as an omen & to follow the directions given. “Every Day” hooks up these synths with kicks & snares encouraging that each day in your life is a new beginning just before “Starseeds Activate” talks about the time being here & now accompanied by a glistening instrumental.

“We the Bring the Magic” has a more futuristic boom bap approach as The Swim’n Bird tags along to discuss that you are in fact the mystery, the bridge, the divinity & the magic that you seek in life leading into the title track attaches some more kicks & snares to an orchestral loop talking about healing the heart. “Architects of Consciousness” is a 2-minute atmospheric trap ballad building momentum of a potential that goes back all the way to the beginnings of Atlantis, but then “The Embodiment of 9” returns to the boom bap talking about the embodiment of the awakened human being.

Meanwhile on “Moving On Up (Level Up Now)”, we have Artur leveling up with a more cloudier instrumental backing him while “The Arcturian Gate” brings in the horns as he discusses the helping hand of Arcturus that is being stretched out towards mankind. Yung Kemmo coming into the picture for the rap rock inspired “Host of Rhythm” paying homage to the great spirit while “In the Flow” returns to trap territory to deliver an invocation of the spiritualization of Earth’s humanity.

The song “Know Thyself” brings back the rock vibes as he provides an anthem touching on being honest with yourself & self-investigation with Nathaniel Yost on the hook while the penultimate track “Perfect Resonance” dives back into the basement as far as sound goes talking about aligning oneself with the soul’s original blueprint. And to finish the album off, “Mahas Saham” addresses the one & infinite mind that’s immortal.

If anyone out there is looking for a product that represents the Golden Pages of Ascension in a playful & poetic manner, then T.H.O.T.H. (The Harmonizing of The Hemispheres) is definitely the album for you & it makes me excited to see him elevate his ascension rap style even further from hereon out. The teachings spread throughout it’s 50 minute course most certainly have the power to help one through the dimensional shift & the production fits the ascendant themes quite well.

Score: 7/10