Nominated for Best Hip Hop Album at the 2018 San Diego Music Awards, Biggie Babylon is definitely a rap mogul to closely follow. 

The rap artist introduces his all-new creation titled “All In.” This track and music video exhibit just the right amount of swag to have you in the right mood in no time. This song is for the big players in the game, for the ones who want to go all in to win it all.

With lyrics that sting and a music video that gets you off your feet, Biggie is the go-to rap artist for many. He delivers an alluring vibe as he is seen strolling around an underground VIP casino, spitting hit lyrics with contagious tunes.

Before becoming a well-known figure in the rap industry, Babylon hadn’t taken music as seriously. The artist mainly managed artists and executive producing projects and had never envisioned himself as a professional recording artist. Then his curiosity pushed him to record his actual first single, “Home Run Hitta,” and he was happy with what he heard. 

Over the coming years, the artist has been a spoken name in rap, trap, EDM, and pop music. His projects now ideally culminate his talents and musical abilities.

Biggie is staying on top of the game and a name to mention across many genres.