The newly released “Sakanoue EP” is a captivating new collaborative effort by Japanese producer BudaMunk and Baltimore native ILL Conscious. The EP features seven tracks that seamlessly blend together traditional Japanese instrumentation and boom bap beats, creating a unique and refreshing sound.

The EP opens with the title intro, “Kiyomizu-Dera,” which immediately sets the tone with its haunting sample and ILL Conscious vocal melodies. The following tracks, “Fuk Yu Mean?!” and “Tamuramaro,” continue to showcase the duo’s ability to blend different musical influences while maintaining a cohesive sound.

One of the standout tracks on the EP is “Glandular Trichomes,” which features a beautiful melody that perfectly complements ILL Conscious’s introspective lyrics. “Reciepts” closes out the EP featuring Snook da Crook, and Supreme Cerebral.

Overall this project gets a solid 8/10. Sakanoue EP is a testament to BudaMunk and ILL Conscious’s creative talents and their ability to bridge cultural gaps through music. The EP is a must-listen for fans of boom bap and Japanese music alike, and is sure to leave a lasting impression.