Copywrite is a 45 year old MC from Columbus, Ohio notable for being a member of MHz Legacy & formerly of The Weathermen. His 2001 solo debut The High Exhaulted became an underground classic, but returned at the turn of the new decade on The Life & Times of Peter Nelson. His 3rd album God Save the King has always been my 2nd favorite of his behind his debut, following that up with Murderland produced by Surock and Blood, Bath & Beyond. C just dropped his 2nd EP The High Exhaulted II couple years ago which is far superior to Ultrasound: The Rebirth & I maintained that going into his 6th full-length LP.

“2nd Coming” begins with some organs, kicks & snares so Copywrite getting in his battle shit lyrically whereas the bluesy boom bap hybrid “Bad Motherfucker” talks about being destined to be legendary. “Vibe Injection” flexes that he’s flowing through the reefer one minute & then the through the speakers the next over kicks, snares & strings that is until “Weight 4 It” produced by DJ Mighty Mi soulfully admits that he’s been low-key bored over this shit like space bar.

Swab kills it with the sampling & cuts throughout “Spanish Mambo” likening themselves to to the squad as warriors in their last days, but then “Sinatra” featuring Breeze Brewin’ brings the pair together stripping the drums on top of a Frank Sinatra sample appropriately enough paying homage to the Chairman of the Board himself. “Diamond Bukowski” featuring Bless Picasso, Nino Is & Ras Kass has this dirty jazz flip bringing it hardcore just before “Mixtapes in My Sleep” featuring Mickey Factz is a dusty tribute to the DJs.

“Green Screen” draws near the end of the album by delivering 3 minutes of pure venom with Evidence behind the boards while “Jeah 2” is the sequel to a highlight track off the Eastern Conference Records compilation Eastern Conference All-Stars III. “God Particle” talks about being airborne over an eerie sample while the jazzy “Iris” gets conscious. “Turning the Page” featuring Slug ends the LP grieving over lost ones & the pain that comes with it.

From what I understand, DJ Mighty Mi will be fully producing a new EP for C later on in the year & T.H.E. Last Supper continues the trajectory that The High Exhaulted II headed towards couple years ago. Definitely one of the best full-lengths that Copywrite has had to offer so far too. It’s denser, instrumentally on par with his last EP, heavier not too much in the feature department & Cwrite’s reignited passion continues to reveal itself.

Score: 8/10