Las Vegas emcee Ouija Macc preluding his upcoming 4th LP Darcc Planet by releasing his 8th mixtape to start 2024. Breaking out in the fall of 2017 after the Insane Clown Posse signed him to Psychopathic Records shortly after putting out his debut EP Trashfire independently, Ouija has since proven himself as one of the most consistent & hard working dudes in the underground by dropping 3 full-lengths, 2 greatest hits compilations, his previous 7 mixtapes & 4 EPs all in the span of nearly 7 years. He even started his own label Chapter 17 Records, signing HEXXX as their first artist to a now fulfilled 2-album deal & more recently Darby O’Trill. As far as 2023 however, I really enjoyed Ouija’s previous tape Detritus along with both 3-Headed Monster albums & the Coronella collab album with Trizz. So coming fresh off that, the CEO’s beginning C17’s new year by treading new waters on Corruptus.

“Corrosion in C Sharp” finds Ouija singing a capella asking if it’s it real or all a lie whereas “Sorcerer Stoned” taking a groovier trap route starting off by continuing to sing for the first verse prior to rapping for the second so he can throw devil sets in your face. “Breathing is a Sacrifice” goes into full-blown rock territory advising not to spend money on him because he’ll be fine prior to “Laughing Upside Down” going a capella once more singing to find your smile.

Meanwhile, “Off the Ground” has more of an acoustic trap flare thanks to Devereaux talking about picking yourself back up when you’re down & after the “How Many Times?” interlude interpolating the song of the same name off my favorite joker’s card The Great Milenko, “All 4 Nothing” gives off a bit of a spacey trap rock vibe advising not to tell him it’s alright when you know it’s not.

“The Knowing Hand” keeps it a capella singing that he doesn’t know what he should say, but then “Wingless Bones” sings about how you can’t fix lonely over some guitars. After the “The Lights Are On in Hell” interlude & before the “To Say Goodbye outro, the final song “Nicorette” properly ends Corruptus by going head-on trap metal instrumentally as he sings that he doesn’t want to feel since none of his friends care as he shouldn’t either.

If anyone’s gonna go into Corruptus expecting the usual mix of the wicked shit & trap that a lot of Ouija Macc’s music is known for, then you’re gonna be surprised as I am to hear that he makes a huge stylistic departure on this tape & it’s probably the most experimental body of work he’s ever done. He’s showing off his singing voice more here on top of the production being more guitar-centered for a chunk of it.

Score: 8/10