Lynn, Massachusetts emcee/producer Estee Nack joining forces with Toronto producer Futurewave for his 11th proper full-length studio LP. Emerging as a member of the Tragic Allies, he also branched out on his own my senior year of high school off his Purpose-produced solo debut 14 Forms: The Book of Estee Nack & has since built a lengthy yet impressive discography for himself. Other highlights include the Sadhugold-produced Surfinongold.wav alongside it’s sequel The Order of the Golden Fleece, the Giallo Point-produced Papitas, his collab efforts with al.divino, the V Don-produced B.R.A.P. (Born Rewards & Penalties), the Griselda Records debut Nacksaw Jim Duggan & the Mike Shabb-produced Live at the Tabernackle. So considering the high quality of those last couple efforts, Stone Temple Pyrex had to be as equally great.

“Sunday Service” starts by blending jazz & boom bap talking about getting rich every Sunday whereas “Subtracktion” gets more grimier instrumentally to say right now’s a great time to have a great time. “Glaciusvsfulgore” featuring Rome Streetz brings the 2 Griselda signees together likening themselves to the titular Killer Instinct characters of the same name with the beat sounding reminiscent to Daringer, but then “Oscardelarenta” hooks up & an uncanny loop with kicks & snares talking about never doubting himself.

On the other hand, “&Bondizlyfe” goes drumless to detail the hustler lifestyle leading into “Blockwarz” featuring Daniel Son talking about the top spot forever being theirs over a crooning boom bap instrumental. “Weirdscience” flips another eerie sample so Estee can diss all the weaklings who want power just before “Datewifdef” talks about mathematics being the foundation for him sonically keeping it in the basement.

“Cornchowder” featuring Raz Fresco incorporates a jazzy loop referring to their minds as weapons & letting it squeeze while “Wavydominicans” featuring ??? & BoriRock finds the trio over grim piano chords talking about a sinister presence. “Eddiebernays” featuring al.divino strips the drums once more making this shit complete while the final song “¡Sorpresa!” excluding the “Ogoscardelarenta” remix aggressively suggests to check the sign language.

This upcoming weekend will mark a whole year since B.R.A.P. (Born Rewards & Penalties) came out & the Nackman has already blessed us with his 3rd classic within the span of 365 days. The guest-list is briefer than Live at the Tabernackle’s was, Futurewave’s production is mainly rooted in the traditional boom bap sound with jazzy & drumless undertones mixed in & my favorite Tragic Allies member picks up where he left off 6 months ago lyrically.

Score: 9/10