Las Vegas, Nevada emcee Frankie Goldie of the Swamp Society collective & the duo Gloom Unit alongside Acetone Boogie releasing his full-length debut. For about a year & a half now, he’s been establishing himself as an artist within the underground wicked shit scene whether it be 7 solo singles or the Gloom Unit’s debut EP Come Heavy produced by Devereaux arriving on New Year’s Day to high reception from the juggalos. But after teasing Vegas Winter: Jugg Motivation 101 for next week, Frankie has decided to let Christmas come early.

After the “JM101” intro, the first song “CAKEWALK” begins with Devereaux who produced the entire LP working in strings along with bells & hi-hats talking about throwing money in the circle like it’s a seance whereas the lead single “RAWKZOFF” instrumentally gives me a bit of a Memphis rap vibe (i.e. One of my favorite groups Three 6 Mafia) coming to get his rocks off. “CODE BLACK” featuring Donnie Menace finds the 2 talking about being cold blooded killers over a morbid trap beat, but then “Rollie” exultantly lets y’all know it’s that time.

“CAVIAR DREAMS” featuring Darby O’Trill is a jazz/trap fusion getting that bloody money just before “BRIXINDASAFE” goes for a cloudier atmosphere refusing to behave since he stuck in his ways. “KATANA” featuring Kold-Blooded returns to a darker trap sound looking to slicing necks with the titular sword while “Lemon Drizzle” is a fun club banger about sippin’ dirty Gatorade without giving a fuck what a hater has to say. Another standout “Bulletproof Coupe” turns up the aggression mixing Faygo with Grey Goose & having the digiscale tippin’ on ‘em prior to the 6-minute BIGMANEONDABLOCK” fusing trap, jazz rap & soul so he can count his digits.

Vegas Winter: Jugg Motivation 101 much like Come Heavy is living proof that the Swamp Society is a force to be reckoned with in the underground except JM101 will give you a better idea as to who Frankie is artistically & personally. He shows his influences from the Insane Clown Posse & Esham to the Triple 6 Mafia, Jeezy & even Future on top of Devereaux continuing to evolve as a producer throwing additional elements of jazz, soul & influences from the Memphis scene into his signature trap sound here.

Score: 9/10