GUTTR is a newly formed supergroup consisting of Ras KassRJ Payne & Havoc. All 3 of whom have been established within hip hop whether it be the waterproof MC’s debut Soul on Ice, RJ decimating anyone in the battle circuit that dared to step up against him under the original moniker Reignman or last but not least Havoc being 1/2 of the greatest duos of all-time Mobb Deep alongside the late Prodigy. Ras & RJ have worked with each other a few times previously, but got one of the East Coast’s most underrated producers as their 3rd member in time to put out a full-length debut.

“Roll Call” featuring Lil’ Fame & Method Man is a grimy way to kick off the album asking where all the real ones at in this bitch whereas “Nostalgia” incorporates a soul sample for the trio to pour one out for all the fallen soldiers we’ve lost along the way. The title track featuring Kurupt & KXNG CROOKED takes the cavernous route talking about how it’s only right for them to get the cheese but after the “RNR Ep. 1” skit, “Once Again It’s On” featuring Twista ruggedly finds everyone in their battle rap shit.

On the other hand, “Different” kinda has a jazzier flare asking not to be compared to any other artists out here while “Lo-Fi” right after the “RNR Ep. 2” skit soulfully talks about liking the atmosphere gritty. “Stop Playin’” featuring Freeway & Raekwon brings back the pianos to tell everyone to not fuck around with them but after the “RNR Ep. 3” skit, the final song “Old Soul” ends GUTTR’s debut warning that gossiping to them will leave you with your head blown clear.

The hardcore hip hop fans are really gonna find themselves gravitating towards GUTTR’s introductory album & hopefully this is only the beginning of more to come from what is recognized as hip hop’s very first unionization. Primarily due to Ras Kass & RJ Payne paying homage to Prodigy by channeling that old Mobb Deep energy, Havoc setting the musical canvas on an entire album for both lyricists to paint their bars, the guests all matching their intensity

Score: 8/10