(həd) p.e. is a g-punk outfit from Huntington Beach, California masterminded by Jahred Gomes. From their first 2 albums under Jive to their first stint on Suburban Noize Records in the mid-2000s, these guys have truly been making a name for themselves for over 25 years whether that be their eclectic sound or the more political lyrics on some of their recent output. They returned to Subnoize in 2019 for their 11th album Stampede even though it wasn’t generally received that well by both critics & fans alike, but the Broke sequel Class of 2020 returned to their roots & the subsequent EP Sandmine wound up being angrier. However to come off the Califas Worldwide compilation & their covers album 70s Hits from the Pit, M.C.U.D. & company are ending Suburban Noize’s 25 year anniversary by detoxing on their 13th full-length LP of all original material.

“No Way Out” is a skull-smashing trap metal opener to the album declaring that they’re back in black whereas the title track returns to their g-punk roots singing that he knows just what you want. “Waiting” gives off a bit of a rap rock vibe addressing someone who’s no good for him, but then “Too Late” goes into a straight-up nu metal direction talking about how you need to count your blessings. Moving on from there, “This Dream” takes it back to the g-punk sound that they created reminding that the dream they have isn’t for everyone just before “Compromise” fuse elements of reggae, punk rock & hip hop refusing to give & take. “Rat Race” embraces works in another trap metal beat so M.C.U.D. can paint the image of a nightmare leading into the rap rock “Going Nowhere” promising they ain’t leaving anytime soon. “Pour My Wine” draws near the end of the album with a rap metal groove encouraging to light the blunt up & fill up his cup or glass with wine prior to “PCH” closes the album for a funky rap rock dedication to those doing time as we all know that life’s too short & time is continuing to fly by.

Class of 2020 to me wasn’t that bad of a sequel to Broke, but the way Detox pays homage to g-punk origins by capturing the frenetic energy & signature elements of their distinctive sound is more than enough to satisfy anyone who obviously loves these guys. Ulrich Wild’s masterful mix & master seamlessly melds raw aggression, hip-hop influences & hardcore vibes to deliver a sonically cohesive experience. If this is how the 25 year anniversary of Suburban Noize Records ends, it’s a pretty ass-kicking high note.

Score: 9/10