The world has a lot of fashion icons to drool over whenever we’re searching for inspiration, admiration, or just plain soul-snatching looks. But not every icon is so consistent that they have a noteworthy get-up for every day of the year.

Rihanna doesn’t know anything about this life, however, because according to Google, she slays 365 days a year.

One Twitter user brought attention to her consistency just in time for RiRi’s February 20 birthday.

According to Teen Vogue, Shari, who goes by @ChipNudePolish on Twitter, prompted her followers to Google Image search Rihanna’s name and their birth date.

She tweeted on Sunday, “Google Rihanna and your birthday to see which outfit you get.” Her tweet included an example for her own birthday with Rihanna wearing a lavender fringe dress on February 25 for the 2016 BRIT Awards.

As soon as Shari posted her Rihanna picture, her comment section started filling up with people’s own discoveries of what Rihanna wore for their birthday.

To put it lightly, every look was definitely a shmood.


Shari told Teen Vogue, “I was inspired by a tweet I saw floating around earlier that morning.” According to Shari, users were doing a similar search game for Beyonce‘s best looks, so she decided to follow suit with RiRi. “With Rihanna’s birthday on the horizon, I figured why not,” Shari said.

As of Tuesday, over 6,000 users have responded to Shari’s initial tweet. The engagement definitely came as a surprise to the 25-year-old Brooklyn resident. “It’s a tad bit overwhelming,” she said. “I was just sitting on my couch watching the responses just roll it. I loved seeing everyone’s outfits and responses!”

Now that the Rihanna horoscope is in full swing, Shari is hoping the challenge might grab Rihanna’s attention. “I would probably FAINT! Seriously!” Shari said, imagining RiRi’s reaction to the meme. “Of course, no one would hear the last of it. Rihanna, if you see this…..I LOVE YOU! P.S. Where’s the album?!!!”

RiRi’s everyday fashion will definitely set the record straight for generations to come. If this challenge doesn’t proves anything, it proves Rihanna has various styles in her arsenal to knock the cameras dead, no matter the occasion.

It further cements her CFDA Style Icon award back in 2014. She famously accepted her award in a shimmering see-through gown decorated by more than 216,000 Swarovski crystals. In the words of Rihanna on that night, “You will never be stylish if you don’t take risks.”

Now with the recent Rihanna Google challenge, may RiRi inspire our risk-taking for every day of the week.