Jon Connor is a 38 year old MC/producer from Flint, Michigan who’s released a dozen mixtapes & his previous 4 LPs over the course of nearly 2 decades. This includes the first 2 installments of The Calling, Vinnie Chase & S.O.S. respectively which III here serves as a continuation of along with the Best in the World series paying homage to some of Jon’s influences, Salvation, While You Were Sleeping & Unconscious State. He was even signed to Aftermath Entertainment for 6 years before departing after Vehicle City wound up being shelved. However, he’s been growing his All Varsity Music imprint since & is back for his 5th album.

“The Gospel According to Ron” begins by cavernously taking y’all to church in order to balance what the serpents say to you whereas the luxurious “Dreams” encourages one not to cry their dreams away. “Connor for the Win” is this fiery tribute to the late DJ Kay Slay accompanied by this glamorous instrumental just before “Homecoming” gives off symphonic trap vibe talking about wanting to run away & never losing faith.

Stretch Money joins The People’s Rapper on “On God (The Sauce)” takes a more rugged approach confidentially giving the secret to the sauce & staying optimistic until their goals become realistic leading into the emotional trap ballad “Forever” advising to never give up all your secrets due to then taking it as a sign of weakness. “The Addiction” featuring Flawless goes for a somber trap approach acknowledging that addiction itself is a Hell of a drug, but then the cloudy “Paper Soldiers” featuring Caas Swift & Khujo talking about being soldiers when it comes to the money.

“Subtle/Rose (The Gospel According to Chyna)” starts the LP’s next chapter with a 2-parter asking this woman who she’s loyal to & even wanting to spoil her while “Double Standard” has to be a highlight for me from the key-driven Focus… beat to Keke Palmer on the hook & the subject matter admitting that she be all in the crib where he be laying. “I’m Sorry/You Deserve It” is a more vulnerable 2-parter balancing karma has feels every heartbreak that he was ever a part of while the melodic “Bulletproof/Tryna Get There” talks about not being designed for perfection.

My favorite track here “Worst Day Ever” has this crazy sample flip from Middle Finger Music co-founder & in-house producer Foul Mouth describing a day where he woke up feeling like shit & rather be sleeping again when in this particular mood but after the “This Jon Connor Interview” skit, “We Gon See Then (The Gospel According to Nana)” featuring Mr. Nuby shifts back into trap turf talking about not fucking around. “Generation Gap/Heaven Sent Evidence” is the most heartfelt 2-part song throughout the album describing memories that’ll eternally carry on while “The Greatest Show on Earth/Bid You Adieu” eerily calling out those who haven’t been to the circus lately if you don’t think this is spectacular.

“Harvey/2-Face” pushes near the end of III heartbreakingly explaining how villains are made while the song “The Dame Theory/We Won (One)” hops over these strings boasting about putting in work & that you’re either strong or weak. The penultimate track “Celebrate” comes through with this groovily commemorative ode & the appropriately titled “Last Laugh” rounds out the album using the same sample as B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)” by Killah Priest saying that he’s gon’ let it shine.

I know this has been in the works for quite some time & anyone who’s familiar with Jon up to this point should come away from III as a solid conclusion to a few trilogies on his catalog. component of the album individually accumulates the magic that The Calling, Vinnie Chase & S.O.S. individually brought to close out every saga out by displaying his musical roots mixed with how much he’s grown artistically in the last 19 years.

Score: 7/10