It’s rare to see talented singers like Juan Minatta as the Argentine artist shows off his incredible voice in his new heart-rendering single “best of me.” It’s the way Juan Minatta expresses his verses that have a lasting impact on his listeners and the young singer manages to replicate his style in his latest release, “best of me.”

The melodic sequence of the piano sets the saddening tone for the track as Juan Minatta comes in with soft spoken openers that prepare the audience for the catchy emotional chorus. The Agrentian singer pours his heart out in the verses with strong lyrics that go like:

You won’t get the best of me,

Best of me, not this time,

Please just set me free,

Set release. 

Juan Minatta is one of the most promising soft pop singers and his new single “best of me” is already accumulating tens of thousands of streams so make sure you give it a listen and follow the promising career of the Argentine sensation.

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