If you’ve ever heard the music of Kais Khoury, also known as KAIS, you know that limitless beauty, poetry, and simply art in its greatest form are what mainly constitute his special sound. Right from the start of his new single “Willow,” KAIS manages to get us entranced with nostalgia and sadness, all distilled through an unspeakable beauty of sounds. His voice alone brings chills down the spine, and this phenomenon amplifies when the choir sings along in unisson, for a cosmic experience of music. 

This otherworldly, immersive single, sheds light on the feeling of loneliness subsequent to the loss of a relationship that ended due to betrayal. Despite running just over two minutes, “Willow” is the kind of song that stays imprinted in the soul long after listening to it. 

KAIS has simultaneously released another powerful single titled “On to Land,” described by himself as follows: “The human race made the heavens its final frontier, and with a burning desire for exploration sprung from the earthly cradle to become a farer of the void, the still expanse.” 
For the many music lovers out there who cannot but play “Willow” on repeat, make sure to also stream KAIS’ two latest EP releases;  Hot Air Balloon and Her Majesty’s Window, both released earlier this year.